Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh the things we do...

Today was the day that Mac got neutered. I took away his manhood but it will def. cause less stress on me! Hopefully this whole dominating marking thing will go away soon. We also got him micro-chipped which makes me feel more comfortable if he gets lost. Sorry for Mac spreading his legs but I guess its whats most comfortable!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If you have a minute...

A friend of mine is helping a member of our church in Singapore who has a daughter living in the DC area who is trying to get funding from the government for a program to help kids in poor neighborhoods and unstable families. Her idea is to pair disadvantaged children with volunteer families who then have the child over for family dinner once a week for a year--allowing the child to observe a stable, functioning, two parent household, interact with people from different social/cultural backgrounds, and improve communication and social skills. It benefits the volunteer family by helping them spend time together as a family and engage in service without interfering with the busy schedules. She has submitted the idea to "Ideas for Change" and in order to make it to the next round she needs our votes. I thought it was a wonderful idea and gave my vote. If you also like the idea and want to vote OR if you want to read more, go to Restore Two-Parent Family Norms in Inner-City Neighborhoods.

I also have a widget posted on the side of my blog so you can vote there as well as copy it and put it on your blog, web page, etc...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Weekend

This past weekend Clark and I headed down to Boca to visit Clark's family! Clark's brother Kirk flew in because of the long weekend and it was great to see him! We also saw our niece Layla who is growing bigger and bigger every time we see her!

We had the chance to view the house that Clark's parents bought! It is so nice and we can't wait to spend time at their home once they move in!

Lastly we got to enjoy Valentines day on Sunday! I received a wonderful bouquet of flowers from Clark. I loved them! He is an amazing husband that loves me regardless :)

I hope that you enjoyed your Valentines weekend too!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Back!

Wow, those two weeks in Singapore went by so fast! I must say I am glad to be back though! I really did enjoy my two weeks there with my team as well as seeing old friends and eating all the yummy food we left behind!

Clark was a good sport and called me everyday! I think he missed me :) Also, he went out to eat everyday for dinner. I guess he missed my cooking (or he finally had a chance to eat something new for a change!!).

I did really good about the whole jetlag thing when I arrived in Singapore and I have done really good adjusting as I am back home. I has some good times and bad times on the plane 1) I did get three empty seats next to me when I was flying out to Singapore which means I got to lay down and my knees didn't cramp, but the bad thing was the tvs didn't work! 14 hours without any entertainment provided by the airline was HORRIBLE. In the end I was either given a $150 voucher (should have been given more!) or an additional 7,000 miles added to my mileage account. I took the voucher because any upgrade now in days requires you to cash in your miles and also pay an additional $ thanks! Give me my free ticket please! I really didn't get to venture around Singapore because I was working non stop, even on weekends. I did however get to see everyone I had planned on seeing (besides Sarah and her new baby who happened to fly back to the States the same day I was flying to Singapore!!!) and eat at my old food places which was awesome!

The condo I got to stay at.

Yummy Chicken wings and pork fried dumplings!

Mr Wongs Noodles

Lehi, Kate, Jeremy, and Me!

Majana and Carmen took me to Steamboat and Uncle Tom's Palette (ice cream)

Chelsea, Dixon and their new baby boy Desmond!

Clark's favorite phrase-Happy New Year!

Philippa and I eating Prawn Mee

Michael's Birthday!

Lastly, our team went to Indonesia to work/play at Bintan Lagoon Resort. This is the resort we own!
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