Sunday, April 25, 2010

McDonald's Convention 2010

It was that time again to head over to Orlando and go to the McDonald's Convention! Its my third time going and each year it just gets better!

One night McDonald's rented out Sea World! It was so fun to go on the rides and eat all the free food!

Shamu and the dolophin!

Clark, Carmen, Adam, and Alex at the Shamu show!

The Gray Gang (minus a few)

At the convention we get to sample the new items that McDonalds will introduce on the menu. This is the Big Tasty Bacon Burger available in Europe (about the size of the Angus burger).

Then I ate the whole chicken sandwich which is going to be for the U.S. I was a PIG!

Yum Strawberry Banana smoothies!

Kodak Booth

Each year, McDonalds invites a special guest to perform. 4 yrs ago it was Beyonce, 2 years ago it was Rod Stewart, and this year it was Sir Elton John!

I can't wait for the next convention!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bern's Restaurant

Some of Clark's colleagues from Singapore and Paris are in his Tampa office the next two weeks so we decided to take them out to a neat restaurant in Hyde Park called Berns. Picture the Haunted Mansion at Disney, yup, that is what it looks like inside. The rooms are dark with pictures and candles hanging on the walls. Its kinda spooky but not really.

We enjoyed an amazing dinner and then proceeded to take a tour of the kitchen and wine room before heading to the dessert room upstairs. If you ever visit Berns in Tampa, consider eating in the piano room when it comes to dessert. There are about 6 booths to eat at and you get to enjoy the nice music!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So the other day my neighbor called me to tell that the contractors across the street plugged in their electrical cord into my outlet on my porch! Are u FREAKIN kidding me. I had a hay day, gave the guy some lip, and then proceeded to unplug the cord. I then took pictures of everything...I took his name and told him to NEVER do this again and that I am contacting his company and the homebuilder. He took his cord back then proceeded to plug his cord into the GENERATORS that they had in the back of THEIR trucks! WHAT!!?? He totally lied to me saying they didn't have any...yup I totally caught his lie...good thing he spoke english or we would have had some problems.

So long story short, the homebuilder for the neighborhood are going to be paying for this months water (see post further down) and electric bill! Dang right they are.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My new Blog

So I have recently started a new blog that I quite enjoy doing. My new blog is called Styled by Night and it has great deals that I find in the fashion world as well as cute modest clothes that I see. There is still a lot of work to be done with it so ANY suggestions are welcome :)

I always enjoy reading blogs or websites that show you cute clothes that are resonably priced! So you shop by the day and by the night you are all styled...get it? hehe

Feel free to go over to it and become a follower :) Also, if you ever see any great deals or cute clothes you want to tell people about, please let me know and I will post it for you! You can email me at

Hopefully in the next year or few, I will have a couple of followers! We shall see!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

i heart clothes

So there probably isn't a week/weekend that goes buy where I treat myself to I headed over to the Ann Taylor Loft in the mall where they were having a 25% extra off the sale price! Yesssss. So I bought these two things that are super cute together:

in coral. The best part was the manager allowed me to get the same sale price on the petite version of it...apparently they don't really discount the petites because its a big market for them and they know people will spend the money to get it.

in white

I also FINALLY opened an Ann Taylor card which gives me tons of discounts each month including an extra 15% that one purchase for the day! So with the extra 25% and 15% off, my total came to $35! So I basically got the tank for free! Love it! Head over to Ann Taylor too! :)

PS-I found this cute sweater on sale for $10 at Downeast Basics. So of course I had to have it! I bought it in the lime green color! Its so Springy! If you use the coupon code DBTEN you get 10% off your online order :) Okay so I JUST went to their website and they have SOLD OUT of that sweater! I guess it was a sweet deal! But you can still use the code and its good until May 23rd!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Water Theifs

There are tons of homes being built right now in our neighborhood and more specifically 7 are being built right in front of our home. Yesterday Clark and I noticed that there was a dirty old cup next to our hose spout and the hose was off the spout...hmmm I swear when I watered the plants the other day that I didn't leave it like that. So we asked our neighbor if he had used our hose (like we really care...) but he said no but that he and his other neighbors had problems with the construction workers stealing water from their side of the house too!!!

So basically I think our water was used to help stucco the house across the street...nice. I hope our water bill isn't outrageous. The crazy thing is is that I work from home and I always see these guys outside...never once would I have thought they would have been so brave to steal my water...and NOT put the hose BACK on!

So I lost some sleep over this last night and the first thing I did this morning was go to Lowes and purchase THIS baby. I didn't want anymore of our water being used by these thief's.

Then can keep on turning this around and around but it will never come off unless they stick the magnetic key in.

Yup, lets see if they are brave enough to get water from ME again! Idiots.
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