Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brooklyn gets Potty Trained

So the time finally came for Brooklyn to get out of those diapers and get potty trained! One day in May she told me that she needed to go to the bathroom and so that day we started! It was a lot easier starting since she was ready and willing! Yay for saving money!! I'm so proud of her! 

Kennedy at 9 months

9 months
20 lbs
Likes avocados, bananas, chicken, roast, Cheerios, black beans, potatoes, yogurt, rice , noodles , grapes, peas
Learning to climb stairs
Likes to stand on her own
Likes to find food on the floor
Got third tooth. Top right. June 11th
Likes reading books
Waved for the first time and said 'hi' June 28th
Got fourth tooth. Top left. June 27th
Enjoyed your first Fourth of July

Kennedy at 8 months

Kennedy, you are sure growing each month! You are starting to talk and said 'mama' for the first time! You are also using your strength and pulling yourself up on things and have figured out how to climb stairs.  You finally have 2 teeth now! Yay! You are such a kind and happy baby and we love watching you grow! Mom is slowly getting some sleep back.

8 month
19 lbs
Holds own bottle
Slept on tummy for first time May 13th
Said 'mama' May 14th
Started crawling 
Pulled self up on exersaucer  May 22nd
Crawled for first time May 27th
Has 2 teeth

Beckham starts Preschool

Beckham started preschool in May and he really enjoys it! He is able to work on his speech and occupational skills while he is there. The best part is that the bus takes him and will drop him off! He loves the bus and enjoys acting like a big kid! I was pretty emotional the first time he went to school on the bus but he was a champ! 

Kennedy at 7 months

There were quite a few changes this month for you Kennedy!  You finally got your own room and slept in a crib! You are getting so curious and have started to get up on your knees to try and crawl! Here are some fun facts:

7 months
18 lbs
Rolled over for first time 7/21/14
First time swinging in swings 7/25/14
First vacation to visit grandma in ga
Finally in her own room
Loves cereal puffs 
Loves books
Starting to get up on her knees
Loves to bang toys
Likes to give kisses
Loves being held

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