Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trip to Lakeside

Well I just booked my tickets out to Ohio for July 4th weekend to spend time with my dad's side of the family. Every year we head to this gated community to spend a week in a cottage with all the family. Its a nice peaceful place where you ride bikes to get around, eat ice cream, go fishing off the pier, take sailing lessons, visit the theme park Cedar Point, and even swim in Lake Erie. I haven't been since I have been married (almost 3 years) so I am happy I get to go in about a week! Clark is going to stay at home and work (hopefully on the floors!!!) that weekend and into the week instead. Here are a few pictures of Lakeside:

The Pier
How you get around...and actually the yellow house right there is the one across from the very first cottage I stayed at when I was a baby!

One of the many things to do.

Oh I can't wait!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When will it ever be done!?

We have actually gone almost to the wall on the right so this picture is a little old. I think we are about 60% done and I can't wait for the day when we will be 100% finished. This has consumed most of our weekend and its not fun but I sure hope it will look nice when all is said and done!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dinner Singaporean Style

Clark and I used to live in downtown I mean downtown ghetto-ness. So while driving around we were able to see pretty ghetto shops. Anyway, Clark had a colleague at work tell him about a place in downtown that sells some of the Singaporean food we ate. Funny thing is the store Clark went to was the most ghetto store we first saw while in Tampa. He brought home some Korean BBQ sauce along with pork dumplings and even lychees for an appetizer! It was pretty cool to eat some of the food we left behind. So whenever we need a little Singapore fix that is where we will go! They even sell DURIAN! The best part of the night was when I had a little accident...yes you will have to watch the video below to see what I am talking about....thanks Clarkie! So tomorrow is yet another day and we will be guessed it...laying down wood floors! We got the first room and 1/4 of the next room down tonight! Then later on in the evening we will head to Clark's boss' home to have a little BBQ! Thanks Danielle for the appetizer suggestion!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Appetizer Dilema

So Clark and I are going to a BBQ for his work this Saturday and we are in charge of bringing an appetizer. I want to do something a little different compared to my usual chips and salsa/dip or veggies with ranch. Any yummy quick ideas to feed under 15 tummies?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chicago Weekend- Kirk's Graduation

This past weekend Clark and I flew up to Chicago to see Clark's brother graduate from High School. All the siblings were able to come and also most of Vicki's brothers and sisters were there along with there kids! It was a huge family reunion all under one household. I know Clark hasn't seen his relatives in quite a long time but I have never seen any of Vicki's siblings, nieces or nephews! All the kiddos were totally adorable! Jerushia (Vicki's sister-in-law) made really good homemade pizzas for everyone once we all got back from graduation. We also found out that Clark's brother Chad and his wife Melanie are expecting a little baby GIRL in November! It was a great eventful weekend and we were sad to leave and get back to reality! Congrats Kirk!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


to the next room! haha. Clark and I have almost finished the first room but now that we are at the wall we have to make a straight line across the middle room and start in that room...don't ask...just the way you have to do it. Yes, I am proud to announce that I did all four rows by myself and they are straight! Clark took on the job of doing the pieces that go against the wall (he had to make so many angle cuts!). I thought putting in hardwood floors ourselves wood be very stupid but its not that hard, just time consuming. So I guess we will take a break from the floors until next week because tomorrow we head off to Chicago until Monday! Clark's brother is graduating H.S. and it'll be a huge family 20+ in one house :). All the hard work finally caught up to Clark and he called in sick today. I think he is just plan exhausted. Its the busy month at work...enough said. So while I work at home, he will be cleaning the house...I hope ;) Great...its raining AGAIN. I better go check the Chicago weather for the weekend!

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