Monday, December 31, 2012

Beckham and Brooklyn at 20 months

You both are growing up too fast! I love it though. We love being able to communicate more with you and see how well you are learning new things. You both are so sweet to each other and love playing together. You both keep me on my toes because you both love going the opposite way. You each have different personalities and strengths that make you unique and who you are. We love you!


Very good at swimming! Loves to kick and paddle and blow bubbles
Loves to burp
Loves dogs
Loves to give kisses
New word is uh-oh
Said Jesus
Understands and points to where the sky is
Loves to ride in our little red wagon
Learned to play peek a boo
Learned to clap his hands
Learned to fold arms while praying
Has recently loved having a blanket
Loves to explore the PlayPlace at McDonald's

Looking at the lights and ornaments. Probably scoping out which one to throw!

He loves sticking food in between his little toes and playing with it before he eats it...gross but funny.


Knows where her eyes, mouth, nose, head, ears , tummy, hands, and feet are
Says no way, beep beep, wall, shoes, Nana, banana, grape, doggie, yay, bead
Eats string cheese and broccoli
Loves to stick her face in the water
Loves to dance to any music and copies motions really well
Loves to feed her doll
Learned to fold arms when praying
Has started to throw tantrums...uh oh

Surprisingly she is smiling after swim lessons...

Loves mama's glasses.

Dad had to rescue her in the McDonald's PlayPlace. Seriously...I had been in there 5 times before that.

Still loves to sit in her baby swing.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Styled Simplicity 30% off SALE

Hi friends! I wanted to let you know about the best deal Styled Simplicity has had since opening! You can get 30% off your order now until Jan. 1st!

That means necklaces < $13
Earrings < $4
Bowties < $7

Hope you'll stop by!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dollar Store Plates

I know, why does anyone care about my new plates? Well you don't have to love them but I sure do and I am SO excited to use them. I mean you can't beat $20 worth of plates and bowls... And the best part is I have been SEARCHING for something similar and WALA $1!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Your Cloud Parade

Tomorrow is the launch of a really neat website I will be selling my accessories on. Its called YOUR CLOUD PARADE!

Its a place where brides and grooms plan their special day! Tons of boutique vendors are opening up shop on here to sell their goods: rings, cakes, cake stands, jewelry, bow ties, and MUCH more!

Check out the website by clicking HERE!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ward Christmas Party

Last night we hurried over to the church building with the 90 lbs of pork we had cooked all day for the ward Christmas party. Lets just say my morning was a little stressful! But the food turned out really good, Santa was awesome, and the company was great!

Guess the kids weren't too thrilled about the whole Santa part...must have been the 25 minute line we had to wait in!

The Primary kids did a little music number followed by the missionaries and then the whole ward chiming in...I think it was just a little overload on the music but oh well.

Hope we aren't in charge of the food next year! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Lights at Trade Wind Park

For FHE on Monday, we decided the kids would be old enough to 'appreciate' the light displays. We visited Trade Wind Park and drove through the 3 mile stretch of lights. It wasn't too crowded so we were able to get in and out but I think the kids were entertained for a little bit. The weather was pretty muggy but we managed to jack up the AC while out windows were down. Can you believe its 80 here in December!?

I felt like we were in the Twilight zone or something when we came upon this light tunnel. Don't mind my voice in the video...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving in Georgia

We did it! We drove through the night with the kids in the backseat all the way to my home away from home: Georgia.

The kids did quite good in the car and well since it was dark, I couldn't read much so I just chatted and listened to music with the hubby.

It was nice and relaxing to just be with my family and let the kids play. We occasionally went out to do something kid less... :)

My mom and I went downtown and looked at the the amazing antiques for sale and the boys went golfing shortly after.

We did spend a good amount of time outside in my parent's big back yard. The kids LOVED to explore and run around with my dog Mac. I am glad they weren't afraid!

And of course we visited the local park down the road! 

I wish there were more falling leaves in Florida :(

We also enjoyed some yummy grape juice from my mom's grapevine!

I would love to live here and see this every night

When it came to the actual day of Thanksgiving, this was the only shot I got. No food. Opps.

And because we haven't taken family pictures since their newborn ya go

Thanks Lydia for the awesome photos!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Clark turns 31

We had a fun week last weekend! Clark had a birthday and turned 31!
So far we have spent 8 birthdays together :) Seems so long ago when I stuffed his car with balloons at college on his 24th b-day. Fun times.

We headed to a really good bbq restaurant called Dickeys and enjoyed bbq sandwiches, waffle fries, and some fried okra! Dessert was at our house and we stuffed down some ice cream cake!

Brooklyn even enjoyed the ice cream! Yum!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Leaf Cut Out Garland

Today during nap time, I decided to be crafty and try a fall garland since I took down my BOO garland from Halloween. I think it turned out pretty good for my first try.

I got my inspiration from {HERE} but tweaked it a bit to make it easier for myself. 

I cut out the leaves from the template and traced them on my colorful scrapbook paper. Then I cut out the leaf. I then cut enough white card stock to cover the leaf cutout and taped it to the back of the scrapbook paper. EASY!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Your Cloud Parade: Styled Simplicity

Have you heard about Your Cloud Parade?! It is an amazing site launching at the end of November that's a market place for people planning and buying things for their weddings. What are the major trends going on? What colors should you use? Its a place where buyers and sellers meet to create the perfect wedding! Think of it as an Etsy but just for weddings!

I just set up shop and have added some items to my page. I would love for you to check it out!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a great Halloween this year. The kids I am sure did not know what was going on but they didn't seem to mind the dressing up part.

Brooklyn was Tinkerbell and the rest of us were pirates! ARRR!!! 

We enjoyed a fun trunk or treat at our church the night before Halloween and the kids got a good amount of candy! Yum!
Halloween night Clark and I took the kids around the neighborhood in the wagon to trick or treat. The neighbors loved the kids and I LOVED the candy! :)


Friday, October 26, 2012

The Magical 18 Months

I am so excited that my kids are 18 months! I do love this age and it is getting a little easier...I said a little easier... :)

We have reached the magical age where our kids can now attend the nursery at church! This means they get to play with toys and be around more kids as well as not having to be chased and watched by mom for 2 more hours!

My kids have really grown up in the last few months. Beckham seems taller, Brooklyn is talking more, they both are showing more emotions. Brooklyn loves to hug and pat Beckham (which he doesn't like) and Beckham loves to be cuddled and climb on you.

They love being outside and it is getting easier to do that because the weather is getting much cooler. They love playing on the porch and chasing bubbles. They climb everything and I am getting a little less nervous about that stage. I can't imagine what these kids will be like in the next few months. They will be 2 in no time!  YIKES!

Loves to play with cars and things that roll
Loves to lay on the floor
Has 13 teeth
Always climbing on things
Loves listening to classical music
Loves flipping through books
Throws tantrums and pulls his ears
Loves to be outside and eat anything on the ground...including acorns!
Still hates to try new foods ( I am getting desperate!)
Enjoys sleeping with a blanket

Makes funny noises
Hair can be put in a ponytail
Has her molars coming in
Has become very opinionated and let's me know what she wants and doesn't want
Says No No No
Eyes are now a yellow gray
Loves to get her socks and shoes and wear them around the house
Says bear, mommy, daddy, Beckham, baby
Loves to sign eat, more, and all done
Can fold her arms when saying prayers

Monday, October 22, 2012

Strawberry and Spinach Poppy seed Salad

{image credit}

I am always looking to try something new for lunch and every time I open my fridge I get a little overwhelmed...wouldn't the easiest thing be to drive to McDonald's or something!

Well since I just got back from a cruise...ahem...and probably should eat salads for every meal the rest of my life, I decided to try and play chef with what I already had.

This salad was YUMMY! I even had two helpings...mmmmm

Dried Mixed Berries
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Poppy seed Dressing


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Graycation 2012: Western Caribbean Cruise

It only took 4 years but we finally went on a big family vacation! The kids unfortunately stayed home with the  grandparents for a full week while we all went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean.

Let's just say that our cruise ship rocked! It is the biggest one there is. Royal Caribbean: Oasis of the Seas. We were also fortunate to be able to stay in the Presidential Suite! This allowed each couple to have their own room!
(Yes, that is a bar and a Jacuzzi on our balcony!)

The boat had pools, mini golf, zip line, water theater with moving platform, ice skating rink, and even a carousel!

Our first port of the trip was the Bahamas! We choose to visit Atlantis and do a deep swim with the dolphins! We were able to touch and swim with them as well as be lifted up in the air by them!

My brother in law Kirk and I went on the famous slide and let me tell you it was a HUGE drop. So glad I did it though!

The second port we visited was St. Thomas. We choose to snorkel with the turtles and relax on the beach. We saw just about 3 turtles and that was it. The reef was pretty much the same as every other reef I have seen. We docked at Honeymoon beach to sun bathe and even spotted the Real World St. Thomas house!

On the second to last day we were at sea and had the privilege to be invited to the captains deck!!! So cool! 
Here we are just chillin in the captain's chair.

We also had a formal night one evening. Yay for dressing up!

The last port was St. Martin where we shopped and chilled on the beach. Some of us also dived into the local McDonald's...yum yum!

Some of the family rode the banana boat. It was fun minus getting tipped over as we pulled into shore!

We had so much fun on this trip and it was MUCH needed. Who knows when we will all get to go on a family trip again! Maybe a Disney cruise will be the next one...oh boy.

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