Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving in Georgia

We did it! We drove through the night with the kids in the backseat all the way to my home away from home: Georgia.

The kids did quite good in the car and well since it was dark, I couldn't read much so I just chatted and listened to music with the hubby.

It was nice and relaxing to just be with my family and let the kids play. We occasionally went out to do something kid less... :)

My mom and I went downtown and looked at the the amazing antiques for sale and the boys went golfing shortly after.

We did spend a good amount of time outside in my parent's big back yard. The kids LOVED to explore and run around with my dog Mac. I am glad they weren't afraid!

And of course we visited the local park down the road! 

I wish there were more falling leaves in Florida :(

We also enjoyed some yummy grape juice from my mom's grapevine!

I would love to live here and see this every night

When it came to the actual day of Thanksgiving, this was the only shot I got. No food. Opps.

And because we haven't taken family pictures since their newborn days...here ya go

Thanks Lydia for the awesome photos!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Clark turns 31

We had a fun week last weekend! Clark had a birthday and turned 31!
So far we have spent 8 birthdays together :) Seems so long ago when I stuffed his car with balloons at college on his 24th b-day. Fun times.

We headed to a really good bbq restaurant called Dickeys and enjoyed bbq sandwiches, waffle fries, and some fried okra! Dessert was at our house and we stuffed down some ice cream cake!

Brooklyn even enjoyed the ice cream! Yum!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Leaf Cut Out Garland

Today during nap time, I decided to be crafty and try a fall garland since I took down my BOO garland from Halloween. I think it turned out pretty good for my first try.

I got my inspiration from {HERE} but tweaked it a bit to make it easier for myself. 

I cut out the leaves from the template and traced them on my colorful scrapbook paper. Then I cut out the leaf. I then cut enough white card stock to cover the leaf cutout and taped it to the back of the scrapbook paper. EASY!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Your Cloud Parade: Styled Simplicity

Have you heard about Your Cloud Parade?! It is an amazing site launching at the end of November that's a market place for people planning and buying things for their weddings. What are the major trends going on? What colors should you use? Its a place where buyers and sellers meet to create the perfect wedding! Think of it as an Etsy but just for weddings!

I just set up shop and have added some items to my page. I would love for you to check it out!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a great Halloween this year. The kids I am sure did not know what was going on but they didn't seem to mind the dressing up part.

Brooklyn was Tinkerbell and the rest of us were pirates! ARRR!!! 

We enjoyed a fun trunk or treat at our church the night before Halloween and the kids got a good amount of candy! Yum!
Halloween night Clark and I took the kids around the neighborhood in the wagon to trick or treat. The neighbors loved the kids and I LOVED the candy! :)


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