Thursday, January 26, 2012


The other day I looked out the window and saw pink clouds and so the kids and I ventured outside and saw this beautiful sunset! I love these type of evenings in Florida!

9 months

I have been so amazed how much these babies have grown this month! They are really starting to become little people with real personalities. I love this age! They are starting to be more clingy and want our attention but we don't mind! Their teeth are coming in, their hair is growing longer, they are jabbering more, and they are getting so long! I feel like I can go places more and stay out a little longer since their naps are spaced farther apart. We are moving into our house this month and they will finally be able to have their own room and cribs!! I can't wait for them to use their crib bedding I purchased over a YEAR ago! They love playing with their toys and they have started to get the hang of getting on their knees to start crawling. Hopefully we will be in our new house before then :) People just adore them everywhere we go and they love the attention. Clark and I love these little kiddos and feel like we are getting more into a groove of things and somewhat establishing a good routine. Sleep is coming back and we loooove it! Sometimes Beckham's teething interferes with his sleeping but not for long. He has three teeth on the bottom and I swear three are breaking through on the top!


3rd and 4th tooth came in
sleeping through the night 12 hours at a time
takes 2 naps
wears 12-18 month clothes
starting to get up on his knees to start crawling
tries to pull himself up on things
sits up unassisted very well
hair starting to really grow in
likes to jabber
loves yogurt and veggies
got first runny nose
does an "oh" expression with his mouth
starting to learn how to clap
shakes his head no
swipes your hands out of the way
almost out of his car seat
likes to feed himself



still teething
sleeping through the night 12 hours at a time
takes 2 naps
starting to get up on her knees to crawl
tries to pull herself up on things
sits up very well unassisted
likes to jabber and say mamama and dadada
loves yogurt and veggies
hair starting to really grow in
started to eat turkey
likes to roll over alot
claps her hands and waves hi
very attached to mommy and doesnt like it when she walks away
likes to feed herself
got first runny nose and cough 

Unlcle Kirk and Brooklyn

Monday, January 9, 2012

Helmet Time

For the next few months, Beckham will be sporting a new gadget on his head! He has a flat spot we are correcting so hopefully in the next few months it will correct and he can be helmet free! He has adjusted so well and I think he looks just adorable.

I have never met a happier baby! Beckham is the sweetest little boy EVER.
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