Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kung Fu Panda and McDonalds

Let me know if you want some some Ronald McDonald screen savers or some Kung Fu Panda Screen Savers/pictures. I got this McDonald's jump drive this year at the McDonald's convention and it contains some Kung Fu Panda and McDonald's pics...this is obviously for kids, so let me know if you want some...I can email them to you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Too Good to Pass Up

I got this email the other day and thought it was hilarious! Oh, democrats....we still love you...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the winner is...

YAY for me! Today I voted for the first time! I filled in my absentee ballot and mailed it off to the good ole US of A! I wonder who will be elected President? I won't get into politics here but I guess you could say I am hoping for...starts with a M ends with a cCain! Was I supposed to tell you that? Hmm, oh well! I am grateful that I have the opportunity to voice my opinion and to live in a free country :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Not So Bintan BBQ

This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining my colleagues for a fun BBQ at our resort. We needed a break from all the crap going on in the investment world. I was really excited to have a three day weekend but I was sad that Clark was going to be home all alone :( .
Well after the ferry trip over to Indonesia we headed to the resort and got ready for our BBQ. Now we were expecting like some grills and hot dogs and such but nooo...we walked up to this

we were all surprised that the resort went through all the trouble to make us have a realllly nice dinner. There was food everywhere and the beach was just a few steps away. Thanks GM and F&B. The food was amazing and the company was great!

After dinner we headed to the resorts club where we partied and did some karaoke! Man did I sound awful!

The next morning Tannee and I went snorkeling! Tannee was so funny! She was afraid of the water and all the little fishes! She was a champ and finally got in after a few minutes!

Later that day we headed to the pool and then went off roading in some KTV's! It was sooo fun! My boss Moe rode with me and took some pretty awesome pictures! I had so much fun getting dirty and going over hills!

Last but not least, after our fun filled day, we headed up to the Golf Members Club and had a wonderful lunch! Yet again, the resort so graciously gave us a great lunch, with a underwater theme! I mean talk about going all out! I loved the chocolate fountain! It was divine!

Thanks Moe for the weekend BBQ!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Yay! Congrats to us! We are officially scuba certified! Now we just need to pick up our cards...hmmm. I hear the water life here in Singapore is amazing so Clark and I will have to take advantage and go scuba with our instructor.
I recommend taking scuba lessons if you haven't! The lessons are easy and fun and really only take a week! Even though you see water, fish, and coral everywhere you go, its the experience and the travels that make it so much fun!
I can't wait to scuba in Florida when we go back...has anyone scuba dived in Florida? How's the water?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Phil comes to Singapore!

There are two things that my Dad loves: 1)McDonald's 2) Massages. So you can now figure what we did as he came to town this week for business.

As my Father satisfies his curiousity by going into old school chinese herbal shops where the barrier of language is so thick that you can cut it so he can see what the latest herbal obession is he asks where the best place to get Reflexology done. After a few hand signals for direction we were on our way. I know what Phil and myself wanted but Jenna was a bit hesitant as...well...she is a pansy once it comes to foot touching. Anything "tickles" or "hurts" when you try and rub her feet which is swell for me. Anyway, I tried to pursuade her to get that spa treatment done to where those Carp fishes eat away your dead skin. It is getting banned in a few places in the states so that made it cooler to me. She did not want to and the other option of the foot detox just seemed like a hoax. It was only like $7 for 30 minutes for the fishies or detox but for some reason, Jenna wanted to join the 'big boys'. After walking around the shops and deciding which massage place was the least shadiest, we were in bliss....Jenna was in hell. I actually think the more Jenna complained the harder her reflexologist was on her. To Phil and I, the pain felt great. The diagram below shows as they stimulate pain in your foot in different areas, this is suppose to create relief in the respective areas.

This was at the end of the session when they get a quick back massage.

This is in China town in the city.

Now you forgot what the other favorite thing was...McDonald's. For those of you who don't know, my Dad has worked for Ronald for over 33 years. He gets really gitty show us the latest and greatest things that McDonald's is doing. We saw the worlds largest McCafe as well as the first drive-thru in the city of Singapore! It was fun weekend. We stayed on my Dad's hotel so it was a nice mini-vacation even though we were only 1 mile away from the house. BTW...the weather here is still hot, around 90 degrees. Jenna got burnt laying out!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

If we could go back in time...

I got this idea from my friend Emily's blog. You upload a photo of yourself at and choose a year back in day where you want to see what you would have looked like! Man am I glad I didn't grow up looking like this! Try it! Here are mine and Clark's results...I think Clark looks quite handsome!

Here I am in 1954...

Here I am in 1966...maybe this year would have been my better year!

Here is Clark in 1968...

This is Clark in 1976...he was just telling me he was going to grow his hair out...maybe he will change his mind after he sees this picture!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Singapore, we have arrived

So I finally had time to upload some pictures from our trip back to the states last week. Clark and I had a great time visiting both of our families! We basically relaxed, hung out with family and friends, went shopping a lot (well I did), and ate all the American food we could eat! Clark and I even packed our extra suitcase with tons of American snacks to bring back since they are way expensive in Singapore! mmm! We also had the chance to have a stop over in Seoul, Korea on our way back to Singapore! How fun! We ate at this nice Italian restaurant the night we flew in, walked around the city at night, took a 2 hour tour of Korea the next morning, and visited the downtown market where Clark got some good ole socks! The downtown tour was neat because we saw the Korea War Museum, the President's home and guest house, the needle watch tower, the fashion district, and the palaces. Here are some pictures of our short but sweet trip back to the states and Korea! Enjoy!

Canoeing with my mom and dad

Eating with my best friend Maggie

Having the whole Gray family together at Kirk's Homecoming pictures

Korea Temple

Comfort Food


Bus Tour
Train Station

Need a pillow?
Korea War Museum

Needle Watch Tower

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