Thursday, May 26, 2011

1 Month Stats

I can NOT believe our little babies are a month old! Time sure does go by fast! It seems as if they were born yesterday. Each day sure feels the same since all they do is eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. I wouldn't change my days for the world though. I love these little babies! We are still sleep deprived but love that we have family here to help out!

Beckham has changed physically the most. He is such a chunker now! His face was very slim and pointy when he first was born but now he sports the double chin and is grandma's "bag of sugar!" He smiles every day without fail and its usually after he eats. He grunts all the time and it is pretty funny. When he is hungry, he lets you know because he won't stop wiggling and crying.

Beckham's 1 month stats:
9.75 lbs
21 inches long
50% percentile

Brooklyn is a little mini me. She looks exactly like I did when I was born. She is still so tiny compared to her brother. She smiles at us as well but not as often. She reaches her arms out like a zombie when she sleeps and its adorable. She is now starting to grunt as well when she eats...guess she is taking after her brother.

Brooklyn's 1 month stats:
6.7 lbs
19.25 inches long
5% percentile

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family & Newborn Pictures

Thanks to the wonderful Karrie, we got some awesome family and newborn pictures. Karrie with Karrie Drake Photography came to our home and did a wonderful job taking pictures for us. I am so sad she is moving to NC in a few weeks. She was able to capture our new babies perfectly. I love ALL the pics! Here are just a few!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was awesome! First off I have my two wonderful babies to be grateful for as well as Clark! Clark cooked me some breakfast before heading to church. I tended to the kiddos while he was gone and then when he got home we ate lunch with his family. It has been so nice to have so much help around here. The twins pretty much take up my whole day and I get lucky when I get a break and get a nap (thanks Kristin and Vicki). I wouldn't change this for the world because I love being a mom! I wanted to take a few pictures before the day was over to capture my first Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hospital Pictures

When we were at the hospital, there was a newborn professional photography group called 365. I was hoping our hospital had a photo service and surprisingly it did. We found out about once we arrived. I expected a little more but the pictures we got were great. Nothing Clark and I couldn't have done ourselves though but oh well. It is funny to look back and see how they have changed in just a week. We love our little twins! Here are just a few:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Bath

Yes, I will most likely be one of those moms who will post more about their kids now! Well, I will try and not overload you but I wanted to post the babies first bath :)




Clark is such a great daddy and loves to help out. He was starting to do the baths without me even knowing! Men need to understand us women like to document this kind of stuff! ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family Visitors

A few days after Beckham and Brooklyn were born, my grandparents and great aunt came to visit. They are snow birds from Ohio and live in Florida for 4 months out of the year. Thank goodness these babies came before they left!

Also, my mom came down for the birth and was able to stay for a few days. She was such a big help! Thanks mom!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Introducing Beckham & Brooklyn Gray

April 26, 2011

Beckham Andrew Gray
5 lbs 13 oz 18 inches @ 2:20pm

Brooklyn Lee Gray
4 lbs 12 oz 17.5 inches @ 2:30pm

We are so happy to be home with our sweet healthy babies. They are so precious and perfect. I bet Heaven misses these little angels :)  Everything so far has gone perfect and I am so grateful for that. I would probably rate my labor and delivery experience a 10 because I had an awesome husband, doctor and MEDS!

For those interested in my birthing story, here you go!

On Monday April 25th, I got the results back from my OB that the lungs of our babies were mature and that I could get induced on Tuesday. We went into the hospital at midnight on Monday and checked in to our room. My AWESOME OB Dr. Newman  was already on call and there for the next 24 hours delivering babies. The plan was to induce me at 4am. They hooked me up to my IV and said they would come back later at 4am and that I should get some rest. Around 3am I was re-adjusting myself and all of a sudden my water broke! The nurses came in to help me up and get ready for the doctor to come in at 4 to give me pitocin. After they started the pitocin I was having very mild contractions around 5am and then at 6:30am I was only dilated to a 3 but in pain!!! Clark was fanning me constantly and I swear his arm was going to fall off. I finally got my epidural at 7:30am and it was the best thing EVER! I sat back and finally rested until 10:30am when my doctor came back in to check me. I was still only at a 3...bummer! I felt pretty nauseous considering I had nothing in my stomach and had pitocin in my system. Clark's mom, my mom, and my sister-in-law Kristin were there by that point. Dr. Newman came in again at 1:30pm and said I had dilated to a 9.5!!!! YAY! None of us believed him. Who knew I would have progressed that fast! They started to prep me for delivery and Dr. Newman had me push a few times to get things started. After 5 minutes of that he said 'well let's get you ready to have these babies!' By 2:00pm Clark and I were in the Operating Room (you have to deliver in the OR with twins just in case of complications) and getting ready to meet our little babies! Newman had me push around 9 times and all of a sudden our baby boy Beckham came out face up crying! They layed him on my stomach for a few seconds and then took him away to get him cleaned.  His cry was so cute! Clark went over to take pictures while I was getting ready to push our next baby out. Next, Newman had me do the same amount of pushes to get her out. He had to break her water by that point. He pulled her out and she came out crying. He layed her on my chest and of course I made a grossed out face because they are so coated in gunk. It was pretty funny though.

Clark did an amazing job and was surprisingly calm. I'm so glad he was there by my side. We finished on up and took some pictures with our new babies!

First tummy time at home!

Again, we are so happy to have them home and healthy! We love them!!!
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