Friday, January 3, 2014

Kennedy at 3 months

Kennedy you are growing so much each day! I swear you grew an inch just this last week! You are so sweet and love being held. You love acting older than you are because you are already wanting to sit up. You hate being on your back while being held. I guess you just want to be a big kid already!

Here are your accomplishments this month:

14 lbs
Can sit in the bumbo
Great at tummy time, holds head high
Starting to blow bubbles from her mouth
Loves the swing while sleeping
Has to be swaddled
Talks constantly
Always smiling
Loves her exersaucer
Loves putting toys in her mouth
Loves to make noises
Grasps on to things
Loves to kick her legs
Loves to stand on her legs
Loves sitting up
Unfortunately you got sick with RSV :(

Swinging Twins

We ventured out to the neighborhood park the other day and decided to try the twins luck on the big kid swings!

They did awesome! They hung on the whole time and didn't let go! I'm always so bad at letting them try the new things but they have to try sooner or later and grow up! 

Happy New Year!

Each year we find ourselves more tired and less fun to say the least! Maybe when the kids get older we will get back into the swing of things. We went over to Clark's parents for some yummy treats and let the kids play with their cousins. We headed home around 10 and were in bed at 11:50! Party Animals....! 

Kennedy partied way to hard!

Us trying to stay awake!

May 2014 bring joyous blessings!

Christmas 2013

couldn't wait for Christmas this year because we were going to close on our house just a few days before and move in! We started building our house in August and it seemed like forever that it took to get done but it's done and all that is just a blur! We obviously didn't decorate our house or put up a tree but we did invite my family to come celebrate Christmas with us! It was awesome having them because they were able to help me with the kids while I unpacked more boxes!

On Christmas Eve we went over to Clark's family's house and exchanged gifts! The kids were not feeling good and poor Kennedy had gotten RSV a few days before that. 


  (Sorry for blurry iphone pics!)

The next day was Christmas! Santa brought the kids each a toy and they loved it! They understand Christmas more this time around. We are grateful for our Saviors birth and the gift of giving!

Thanksgiving 2013

We had Thanksgiving at Clark's family house this year. We were actually living there for 2 months while our house was finished being built! It was a great day full of yummy food and family! I'm so thankful for our family and love that we have a day we can celebrate our blessings! Here is a picture we snapped of Kennedy!

Clark's uncles family was in town for Thanksgiving and his wife was so kind to take family pictures for us! 

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