Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hangin' with the Redds

So I am a little behind on telling you that we have made some awesome new friends here in Singapore! yay! The couple just moved into our church this month from good ole Idaho. Jeremy and Sarah have been married for 6 years (Happy Anniversary!) and have a little boy (Crew) on the way! Jeremy works as a Manager for the Melaleuca office over here in Asia and Sarah does substitute teaching. Clark and I have had so much fun hanging out with them and showing them the great things to do here!
A few weeks ago we walked around Bugis village to show them the markets and temples:

and visited the great big Vivo City Mall to eat chicken wings, fried dumplings, and Swedish food (great combination right?) and see the great lights:

and yesterday we headed to the hip strip along the Singapore river called Clarke Quay to eat Cuban food (it was delicious) and watch Jeremy show us how to catch a fish by hand in the Singapore River (yeah maybe it will work out better next time Jeremy):

All in all its been a great past few weeks here in Singapore and we can't wait to leave on Tuesday for our Christmas vacation in Bali! The next time we write it will be 2009! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Doghouse

So one of my male co-workers sent me this link to send to my husband because he wanted to save Clark from entering the doghouse this Christmas. I must say, this 4 minute video ad is worth watching because it is HILARIOUS! This video totally explains the Christmas we had last year...Clark decided to get me a gift at 10pm the night before Christmas and ended up getting me a nail kit...which I must say, I think he uses it more than me! Anyhow...I was grateful for the gift as it is always nice to get SOMETHING!

This year we are away from family and will not be having a traditional Christmas as we will be in Bali...oh darn :) So I wanted Clark to want to get me something...right, shouldn't all husbands WANT to get their wife something for Christmas because they love and care so much about them...! I gave him 5 things I wanted and told him I was hoping to get at least one of them...I even did all the research and showed him pictures of what I wanted and how much they cost...I even did the conversion rate for the US dollar!!!

So I was feeling a little down because every time (this has happened over the past week every night) I would talk to Clark about Christmas gifts he wouldn't cooperate or even look like he cared! At least that is what it seemed! Am I soooo pathetic and selfish that I had to break down in tears because I thought my husband was a cheapo...YES how bad of me! I think Clark couldn't take it anymore so he went and showed me where my present was hiding. Once I saw what he got me I started to ball even harder! I'm such a baby! I cried because I realized that Clark did want to get me something I wanted and that he loved me and wanted to see me happy. This same ordeal happened around Valentines last year and Clark surprised me and ended up getting me a diamond band...yes I must say I am a wife that can be selfish sometimes :(

Anyway, well I decided to open my gift because Clark and I are leaving for Bali before Christmas.
Thanks babe for getting me the necklace I wanted :) You are truly a sweetheart and I love you so much :) And yes girls, he went to Tiffany's :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Could it get anymore relaxing...

This past weekend Clark and I were able to enjoy RMS Rest & Relaxtion. Every year Clark's work takes off a day and does something fun! Since the Singapore office is over in Asia, what better place to go than Indonesia for the weekend. RMS took us to a great resort called Angsana where we were able to get a massage (mine was 3 hrs-HA!), eat a GREAT dinner on the beach, and do some team building activities. I must say I really like the people Clark works with. They were so fun and nice to be around and everyone had a great time together.

Once everyone left Angsana to go home, Clark and I then headed over to the resort my company owns for the rest of the weekend. Same old same old stuff happens when we go there...swim, eat, tan, water sports. Mark I., the Golf Club Manager, was nice enough to let Clark play in the Medal Golf Tournament they have every year. I went to the beach and got my tan usual.

We had a great weekend over in Indonesia but as always...we are happy to be home! If you want to check out the rest of the pictures then go here. Our next trip will be in December when we head to Bali for Christmas! We are SO excited!!! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Thanksgiving in Singapore

Tonight Clark and I were invited to a Thanksgiving dinner with some close friends of ours in Singapore. Yes we know its a week early but everyone is going to be gone traveling next week...including us! We had a great time eating all the yummy food (turkey, pumpkin pie, potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls) that was prepared and talking with the other families that were there. Clark and I are so thankful for the many blessings we have in our life. We both enjoy this holiday and enjoy spending time with people we care about. Maybe next year we will be able to enjoy the company of our families!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clark's Lasik Adventure

Today Clark got Lasik eye surgery! I must say he looked like he was in pain after the surgery...even though it only took 15 mins! He believes he did not get enough numbing drops in his eyes but he couldn't tell or even remember because he had all these hands and bright lights in his face. CRAZY! Basically they pulled back his cornea and used a laser to cut more cornea to fix his vision. This picture is kind of gross and disturbing but this is what they did...

Here are the steps they took to fix Clark's eyes:

Then Clark came out and looked like this! hehe poor guy! I guess this will be a fun weekend...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Frolick I am at work and am craving Frolick. Frolick is the best frozen yogurt I have ever had! Too bad its only in Singapore :(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sponsor a Child

My colleague sent me this link today about Sponsoring a Child. She has decided she is going to do this. $45 a month ensures that fundamental needs, such as access to clean water, basic health care, education, nutritious food and increased food security, and household income are not only available to the child and his community, but they will be empowered to help themselves in the future as well. These kids are all different ages and are all around the world. Check out the website here.

And they...WON!

This past weekend Clark and I headed to Malaysia to attend Clark's flag football game!5 teams from around Asia attended this tournament. We were the only team from Singapore. Can you say I am a dedicated wife...I woke up at 6:30am, got ready in 15 mins, at breakfast in 1o mins, watched football from 8am-11:30pm in the hot sun! I guess it was all worth it because in the end Clark's team, the Green Devils, WON!!! 6-0! I won't make you bored with all the details but lets just say the game was intense, people got hurt, and I even got yelled at! haha! I'll be posting some pictures of the tournament one by one eventually (there are tons).

The next day we headed to the city to see the "Twin Towers" at KLCC. These towers were beautiful and HUGE! These towers are famous because they once were the world's tallest buildings until a few years ago. They have been in a lot of movies such as Entrapment.

Next we headed to the Batu Cave. The cave is unique because there is a hindu temple inside. However, to get to the cave you have to climb 272 stairs (yes they are even numbered) and get side tracked by all the wild monkeys crawling everywhere! CRAZY! Clark and I even fed the monkeys! I guess you can say they are some what domesticated because they are around people all the time.

LASTLY...I can't forget to post about this...we got to eat WENDYS and CHILI'S!!! AHHH! Clark and I were soooo stoked to see there was a Chili's in Malaysia! We went crazy on the unlimited chips and salsa!

Our trip finally came to an end when we left on the bus to head back to Singapore. The buses were pretty cool too! I def. recommend a trip to KL, Malaysia if you are ever around this area.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

One year older and wiser too..

Today is a really special day in the Gray family...its Clark's 27th Birthday! I hope he will enjoy the nice cake I make for him

Just kidding, I don't even have an oven! However, I guess he can settle for the b-day shout out I arranged for him

Yes Yes I know...I am the best wife ever! Anyway, in all seriousness, I am so happy that I am married to Clark. I hope he has the best b-day and that he knows I love him very much :) Love ya babe!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

oh America...

This is Jenna by the way...Well we all witnessed the election yesterday...I must say I am rather disappointed in America's choice. Yes, I believe Obama will do some change to America but I don't believe it will be enough. He is just another liberal making promises that in the end I think will make America suffer more.

I totally agree with what my friend said on her blog: "I think part of it is I've always been one to look beyond race, so while everyone says 1st black president, I keep thinking 44th president. I think too many times people get defined by their race as opposed to what they've accomplished and I guess it bothers me that I know a lot of people who did vote for Obama just because he's black and not because of their similar opinions on policy." Don't get me wrong! I love black people...I just think more voted for him because of his color.

Another opinion I have is I really hope that the House and Senate don't fall under that control of the Democrats! The White House, Senate, and House all Dems would not be good for our country. There should be at least some kind of balance.

I think next time McCain should run a better campaign...if he runs again, which to be honest I hope he doesn't. He shouldn't choose a girl to boost votes. Palin didn't know what she was doing. She was made a joke from the very beginning. Don't get me wrong...I really liked her voice and hair but I don't think being VP would have been the best job for her. I think if McCain would have picked Romney or maybe even someone else, the Rep. would have had a better shot.

OH! And one last thing! I am SOOO happy that Prop. 8 passed. America needs to focus on families that are run by a man and a women. We call this a marriage...and if you want to complain about it go start a blog about Unions. God made man and women for pro-creating. This can't "really" happen the other way around. Yes, two people of the same sex can run a family fine I am just shouldn't be that way.

I've seen a lot of blogs that post about these topics and would appreciate if you would let me have my thoughts...because we all know we have the freedom of speech right...?? If you want to complain about my comments then blog about your own thoughts! I really don't wish to read bashing comments! I'll probably end up deleting them so don't waste your time! Thanks :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

.flag football.

Clark has been going every Wednesday and Saturday to flag football practice with a bunch of local and expat dudes for the past 3-4 months. I am glad that he found out about this activity because he loves being active and hanging out with someone other than his wifey 24/7! Oh and he is the quarterback...oh la la! ha! This past Saturday I decided to show up at his practice and take some pictures. Yeah, I guess you could say I picked the day were there was mud all over the fields from the rain...YUCK!

This Friday Clark, myself, the team, and their significant other will be traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KL) for a football tournament! How fun! I think there will be around 5-7 teams. These are not just any teams, these are the best of the best teams from all around South Asia. These games should get interesting! I guess I better charge up my camera and put my game face on! I'll update later next week with the pictures I take from the tournament. Here are a few pictures from this weekend!

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