Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter this year was a lot of fun. We celebrated with family and spent some time at church celebrating and reflecting on our Savior's resurrection. 

The kids woke up and went on an easter egg hunt through the house. They loved it and found all the eggs. Beckham was really fast! The kids enjoyed their easter egg baskets especially the CANDY! 
This year they were more into candy and I let them indulge just a little!

Later that evening after church we had a yummy dinner at Clark's parents house. Gigi and Papa did an easter egg hunt as well the kids had so much fun!

Kennedy at 6 months

Kennedy, you are getting so big! You are growing so much and you are even sitting up by yourself now. That takes some real talent! You are so happy all the time and always have a smile on your face. You always go with the flow...I guess because you have to!

6 months
17.8 lbs
Sitting up by herself
Starting eating fruits
Had first grass experience and didn't really like it
Doesn't like it when you take things from her
Starting to jabber and say dada and gaga
Loves to spit
Enjoys reading books
Loves watching whats on tv
Enjoys Brooklyn singing to her

Kennedy at 5 months

Each month brings new and fun accomplishments! This month Kennedy ate her first solid food! She really enjoyed her sweet potatoes and gobbled them all up! She is getting so loud (in a good way) and recognizing her voice. She is a joy to be around and is such an easy baby for us!

Ate sweet potato for first solid food on Feb. 13
Loves to talk and copy noises you make
Loves to scute on her back
Grabs everything 
Enjoys chewing on her fingers
Getting better at sitting up by herself

Kennedy at 4 months

This girl is a doll! She is such a wonderful baby and growing so fast. I love her smiles and her giggles! She is a very content baby and enjoys being around everyone. 

15 lbs and in the 50%
26.5 inches and in the 90%
Takes a paci sometimes
Found her toes on Jan. 16th
Likes the mirror
Learning to sit up
Loves hearing her voice
Discovered spitting and bubbles with her mouth on Jan. 29
Got your ears pierced on Feb.3

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