Sunday, May 25, 2008

Night Out!

Clark and I went out this weekend to a local cafe that served one of our favorite foods...MEXICAN! We ate some burritos and homemade chips and salsa and drank some colas. We walked out only spending 15 bucks, which was cheap for western food! We then headed over to get some dessert which included some donuts! Clark has really enjoyed the cheap donuts here. They have unique flavors that I think the U.S should consider! We had a white chocolate cinnamon one! On our way back we went to some courtyard square where we watched tons of locals get on their black dancing shoes and line dance to American music. We also passed by a road that was lined with bicycles that had carriages attached. I think there was about 50 out there. You can even listen to music as you ride! Another exciting adventure we embarked on was visiting the Electronics mall they have here. Its one of the largest electronic malls here in Singapore. We bought a web cam so that we can see others back in the U.S! We discovered as we were walking around that they have Taco Bell here! mmm! We were sooo happy! We love seeing American franchises here! It gives us some comfort. Hope you enjoy the pics. We will try and do some MORE exciting things in the next couple of weeks!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Today was a public holiday called Vesak Day so Clark did not have to work! We decided we would head to Sentosa Island. The island is the southern most point of the continental asia and closest to the equator! And let me tell you... it was HOT! The water's temperature was perfect! We hiked along the rest of the coast and enjoyed the great atmosphere!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trying to find Home away from Home

So it was Friday night and Clark and I wanted to get some food! We headed down to a trendy spot in downtown Singapore called Clarke Quay. There were tons of restaurants along the strip however we were sick of rice and spicy meat! So what did we come upon as we turned the corner...Hooters! Hooters was the only American restaurant we could find that had food we were used to! Let this be known that Clark and I would never go here back in the states but desperate times call for desperate measures! So Clark and I had our first experience with Hooters together and dove into some wings and fries! We will probably never go there again because they charge you for refills...and don't tell you!!! They try to up sale you on everything! After dinner we continued along and found a bar/grill called "Clinic" and saw that they really did try to match the decor with the experience! If you are sitting outside then they make you sit in wheelchairs and hospital chairs. They even hang your martini from an IV bag!! Crazy! We took some pictures so enjoy! So after we had our first Hooters experience we headed down another strip that is known as Boat Quay which was decorated in Chinese decorations. It was a very small strip compared to Clarke Quay and lasted for only a few hundred yards.

Today was our second time at church in Singapore. The ward is huge and has tons of kids. Clark and I are the 2nd youngest couple in the ward...hopefully we will get to work with the Youth!

Friday, May 9, 2008

We Made It!

24 hrs. of traveling and we still look GOOD!

Clark and I have arrived here in Singapore after a long 18 hour flight! We flew out of Atlanta, connected in Chicago, flew over to Hong Kong, and then connected over to Singapore. We found some interesting treats at the Hong Kong airport. Anyone in the mood for squid on a stick or fried seahorses!! They also had maple syrup pancakes in a bag. Here are some pictures that we took! When we arrived in Singapore it was 11:30 pm. We had been up for 24 hours. The airport was so HUGE and was very modernized! As we walked outside we felt a rush of HOT air attack our skin. Yes, its humid and 85 at night time!!! We are staying at the corporate hotel until we find a place to live. We woke up this morning to a bright sunny day and a high of the way feels like 105. Oh I failed to inform you...well I didn't know either... that we are freaking by the equator!!!! No joke. I would say that there are just a couple little islands south of us and then BAM there is the equator! No wonder it is so hot here! We visited Clark's work in the Centennial Towers in the Central Business District. Its not too bad of a walk. I went shopping too! I think I was able to visit 3 malls in a 4 hour period! Its pretty cool! Every girl's dream! The clothing prices here are so cheap! I think that Clark and I will come back tan and skinny considering its hot year round and they mainly eat chicken, noodles, soup, and rice! Here are some pics of our hotel!

$100,000 Plasma we found!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Chad and Melanie's Wedding in Utah

Clark and I flew out to Salt Lake City, Utah this past weekend to attend his older brother's wedding! It was a beautiful day on Saturday and the temple grounds were blooming with flowers. Their reception was held in Provo at a Greenhouse which was a great idea! Flowers were everywhere! At the end of the night they ran under the sparklers we held up! They flew out on Sunday to enjoy their honeymoon in Hawaii!

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