Monday, March 26, 2012

The big 25

Wow, I kind of feel old now. I love it though! Ask me next year how I feel and I'll let you know.

Today was such a fun, chill day filled with friends, family and FOOD! I took the twins to breakfast at McDonald's so we could see dad and enjoy the Big Breakfast meal! YUM! Then we headed to Chick-fil-a for a fun time with some girlfriends for lunch. I love hanging out with friends! Then I got a TWO hour nap!! YES, I know. The twins were extra nice for me today. Then for dinner the family headed to Pei Wei with cake and ice cream to follow at our house. It was a great day and I received so many birthday wishes from friends and family and got cute cards and gifts! This year I purchased myself the ipad 3 :) I love it!

Here are a few pictures we grabbed before the kids headed to bed!

Twins at 10 months

I just love this age! Our kids are getting so interactive with us and each other and we love it. They are learning new things each day and I swear they will just start talking like they are having a conversation with themselves sometimes. We enjoy playing with toys and going on walks everyday. They are still taking two naps a day and sleep 11-12 hours straight through the night. Brooklyn loves to talk and repeat words. Beckham loves to jabber and drool but he is my cuddlier :) They stand up in their cribs and play with their blankets and stuffed toys before they fall asleep. We don't take their car seats with us when we go out, instead they are sitting with us or crawling around everywhere. Those car seats were getting heavy! When we are out people ask me if they are twins because Beckham is so much bigger! Brooklyn is my little petite girl and her body is so muscular and defined! I love it! She will love gymnastics! Beckham loves exploring things with his two pointer fingers. It is just so funny to watch him touch everything with those two fingers. He loves touching faces and patting you. This past month we finally got two swim floats so we can go to the pool and have fun! The twins love their daddy and love to play with him when he comes home from work. The kids love reading books and love taking books from each other...well any toy that is. It will be no time before they start walking and I won't know what to do then!

Enjoys sleeping in his new crib
hair is growing longer and curls up by the ears
Likes to use his two pointer fingers to touch things
Likes to have you hold him up so he can stand
Likes his new house
More snuggly
Pulling himself up on his knees
Has 7 teeth
Starting to try and crawl
Flat spot on head is getting a lot better!
Loves to be in the pool
Self feeds himself food
Jabbering in a high pitched voice
Getting too big for his infant car seat :(
CRAWLS--really fast!
Got his helmet off after 13 weeks!
Holds his own bottle
Likes to stand and play with his toys will being supported
Enjoys eating rice crackers and cookies
Likes to crawl into the kitchen and open drawers
Trying to stand up without holding onto anything

likes sleeping in her new crib
hair is getting longer and lighter
Sits up in her crib and plays with her doll before she falls asleep
Likes to be heard and makes loud noises with her mouth
Copies the noises you make
Starting to pull herself up on things
Starting to crawl-takes about 2 steps---
Front two teeth came through
Enjoys swinging
Loves to be in the pool
exploring the new house
Self feeds herself
enjoys moms phone and the remote
Likes to have food in both her hands
Loves to crawl and explore the house
Loves reading books and will look up at me when I am reading
Waves hi when I tell her to
Clicks her tongue
Started to spit her food...mommy not happy!
Loves the mirror
Waves bye
Says  baba (bottle), bye, book
Enjoys eating rice crackers, turkey, cheese, and cookies


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time Out For Women

This past weekend, I had the chance to attend TOFW in Orlando with my girly in laws. It was a lot of fun and nice to get away for 24 hours and let the dads handle the kiddos.

There were some great performers (Jericho Road and Hilary Weeks) and GREAT speakers (Virginia Pearce, Sheri Dew, and Chris Williams).

Virginia Pearce, President Hinckley's daughter spoke on forgiveness. What I took from her talk was 'What is my job and what is His job in Forgiveness?' If you seek forgiveness with sincerity, it will come.

Sheri Dew shared some amazing insights. I loved her thoughts...How deep are your roots planted in the gospel? What we can't see about ourselves is more important.

Chris Williams was a TEAR JERKER! 5 years ago he was in a car crash with his family and two out of the three kids in the car along with his wife died. It was a drunk teenager who caused the accident. The first thing he remembers hearing were the words, “Let it go.” That invitation was key to a road of forgiveness and recovery as Chris dealt with the loss of his wife and two children. And he has learned that in “letting go,” you can prepare to be open to receive all the Lord has to offer. I LOVED his talk. It was by far my favorite. It was all about trials and miracles.  When trials came it gives us an opportunity to LOOK toward our Savior. Miracles will happen. What burden can I lay at my Savior's feet to enable miracles to happen?

If you have a minute, watch this video he introduced his talk with....YOU WILL NEED A TISSUE!!!

After the wonderful talk the first night we headed to Downtown Disney and indulged in yes...Ghirardelli! YUMMM


I was able to see most if all my close Tampa friends that attended the conference too! It was so nice to see them! And on the way home, we got a wonderful surprise..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pop Booth

I found this new FREE app in itunes. How fun!?

I love my little boy :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Home

It's been awhile since I have posted but it has been so busy around here. It took 3 months but we are finally in our new home! We live in a neighborhood next (literally) to the best rated elementary school in the city, by family and friends ( Clark's sister and brother live in the neighborhood too!), next to parks and trails, by Clark's work, by shops and restaurants, and by the grandparents! We have truly been blessed and I'm grateful for a husband that is smart and has energy to make our house perfect for or family. The kids love their own rooms (or mom does) and I love having one floor to tend to. The previous owner had wallpaper in all the rooms and it just was not clean. All the wallpaper is gone and fresh textured walls and paint make the home more inviting. Most of our decorations are up and my Craigslist and HomeGoods finds have brought the house together so nice. I feel like we can actually have a life now. Clark isn't working on the house in his spare time late at night after work so bring on the friends and family activities!

Here are a few pics to get the idea of our new home (can you tell I like neutral) -

Entry way

Dining Room

Guest Bathroom


Family Room

Kitchen Table

Living Room

Master Bath

Wrap around back patio

My list of to dos will be never ending... hang up curtains, hang more decorations, get plantation shutters, put up kid room decorations, clean the garage, put stuff in the attic, find more furniture...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brooklyn Learns to Crawl

Brooklyn decided she wanted to learn how to crawl when we moved into our new house. She took about 2-3 little steps for a week or so and then she was off! What a smart little girl! Looks like I have a mover now! greattttttt.

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