Sunday, August 30, 2009

Berns Steakhouse

On Saturday Clark's parents arrived to stay with us for the weekend until they head to the more Southern part of Florida for a mini trip. Clark made reservations at the trendy steakhouse located downtown called Berns. I have to say that it was the coolest restaurant experience I have ever had! When we walked in I felt like I entered the Haunted Mansion at Disney! It was dim with old chandelier lights and old pictures of people.

The inside of Berns

We were seated in one of their many rooms. All entrees came with french onion soup, salad, baked potato, and veggies. It was nice that the meal came with all those sides and we didn't have to purchase them a la carte. We each enjoyed the 6 oz steak and couldn't even finish because we were almost full before the main course came.

The waiter then told us we could take a tour of the kitchen and wine cellar room. Man was it cool! I took a video (which later I was told I am not allowed to...) a few pictures of the working stations and the cellar. The wine cellar was HUGE and is the largest private collection in the world. The most expensive bottle is from 1851 and cost 10,000. The last time the sold one was when the Bucs won the Super Bowl.

The meat section

Sprouts they water by hand every day.

The Wine Cellar

The most expensive bottles are stored behind this locked door.

Next we headed to eat dessert upstairs. It was neat how they separated both eating areas and the ambiance was totally different. You walk up stairs and they seat you in your own little out clove with a phone you can use to dial the pianist to request a song to be played. We asked to be seated in the room with the piano, which I HIGHLY recommend, and we enjoyed some nice desserts and entertainment!

I highly recommend eating at Berns over Ruth Chris, although I have heard Ruth's steaks are better. I can't tell the difference. Its a great date night place and you can eat there for a reasonable price! We will definitely go back!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Big Announcement!

Well we thought after being married for 3 years that it was about time. I know what you are all thinking...No I am NOT pregnant! We, well Clark would say just me, decided to get a puppy! The rules were that it could not shed, it had to be cute, and it had to be small. Therefore the only dog would be a mini poodle! We got him last Friday night in Tampa for a great price and he has been a pretty good dog so far. Only a few accidents on the floors (good thing its wood!) and a few yelps because he hates being alone. I swear this is getting us ready for a kid though. Good thing I work from home so he can get a lot of attention. He goes potty every three hours, you have to throw the ball across the room when he starts nipping your toes, and you have to make sure he doesn't get into anything or nibble at stuff he isn't supposed to put in his mouth. The first night was rough, he stayed by our bed in a homemade box made by Clark. He was yelping and whining all night but who wouldn't- he was separated from his momma and brother and had noooo idea who we were or where he was :( After the first night he basically stopped crying because he knew we were not going to let him out of the cage (thanks Craig!) So by the second night he was in the kitchen and Clark and I could get some sleep! I still haven't stopped using my ear plugs because I like the no noise!
I love the little squirt to death and he is so fun to play with. We haven't named him yet but we are open to suggestions! The obvious choices that came from Clark were Dallas, Cowboy, and Mayor McCheese. Sheri, our neighbor, came up with Big-Mac which I thought was cute!

One of his many ways of sleeping...

Sleeping under my chair. What a little lover!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rootin' Tootin' Target Shootin'

On Saturday, the Elders Quorum decided to have a Gun Shooting Target Practice for those who wanted to try it out! I must say it was pretty fun minus the hot weather. We headed over to Bro. Lloyds farm where we started to set up the targets and load the guns.

The target Osama!
All the boys really enjoyed shooting the guns they brought and us girls decided we would join in on the fun.
Danielle's first time holding a gun and shooting one! Way to go! She looked much to cute in these. :)
Our neighbor Craig
Clark just shot the gun...that is why it looks like he is trying to shoot birds!
Chris and Clark shooting.
What am I supposed to do? Pull the trigger? Ohhh...
We had a boy and girl shooting contest to see who could get closest to the target! Man look at this gun!
I came in 2nd!
Clark taking his turn at the shooting contest. Yea, I beat him pretty bad. He didn't even make it on the chart :)

The "bad" boys

Clark and I haven't gone shooting since our days back at BYU Idaho so we had tons of fun doing it with friends all over again!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Front Room Fix

Today I ( yes only me cause Clark would have died on my 4 hour spree) went out shopping for some home decor for our front room since it is still not finished. I highly recommend Bed Bath and Beyond for window panels ( 108") and Kirkland's and Old Time Pottery for home decor! Here were my purchases however we still have some things to buy to complete the room ( big window rods, shelves, etc...)

I envisioned the color red being in the room so when I walked into Kirkland's I instantly fell in love with this picture. Its HUGE but you can't tell by the picture. It was also on sale and I mean it was on saleeee...great price!

I also fell in love with this lantern at Kirkland's and its RED! Also on sale!

Then I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond where I always get my 108" window panels. They were on sale too!

Clark and I then decided we wanted to print some of the pictures we took during our travels over the past 3 years. These are from our cruise to Italy and such. We are going to make some type of collage in the kitchen with these. And yes, these frames from Walmart were on sale too! :) Also, I highly recommend printing huge pictures from Walmart because its CHEAP! Submit them online then pick them up in an hour!

Maybe one of these days Clark and I will have a PAR-TAY and then you can see our house all put together! :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A wedding present 3 yrs later

Clark and I still have gift cards from our wedding and today we decided to use one of them. We headed downtown into trendy Hyde Park and bought a really nice panini maker from Williams and Sonoma. Clark has been craving hot sandwiches since we had a sandwich maker in Singapore so this was the next best thing.

We then headed to the grocery store and collected all the things to make a TASTY panini for lunch. Our sandwich didn't look like this but it sure had those brown grill lines and mozzarella oozing out! All in 3-4 minutes! mmm! I def. recommend getting one...although I am sure if you bought a panini maker at Target or Walmart it would be just as good and 3 times cheaper! If anyone knows of any good panini recipes let me know!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The New Look

Here is the finish product (FINALLY) of our living room! Floors done: check, curtains up: check, furniture put back: check, base boards painted again (by me!): check.

Our front entrance room needs a little decorating and I think I would like to incorporate red into the room somehow-flowers, vase, red accents! Hope you like it cause we sure do!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Seems it was just yesterday that Clark and I got married. It has been the best 3 years of my life being married to my best friend. We've been on quite the adventures these last 3 years and we look forward to the many more we will have in the future. I love you Clark!
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