Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Doghouse

So one of my male co-workers sent me this link to send to my husband because he wanted to save Clark from entering the doghouse this Christmas. I must say, this 4 minute video ad is worth watching because it is HILARIOUS! This video totally explains the Christmas we had last year...Clark decided to get me a gift at 10pm the night before Christmas and ended up getting me a nail kit...which I must say, I think he uses it more than me! Anyhow...I was grateful for the gift as it is always nice to get SOMETHING!

This year we are away from family and will not be having a traditional Christmas as we will be in Bali...oh darn :) So I wanted Clark to want to get me something...right, shouldn't all husbands WANT to get their wife something for Christmas because they love and care so much about them...! I gave him 5 things I wanted and told him I was hoping to get at least one of them...I even did all the research and showed him pictures of what I wanted and how much they cost...I even did the conversion rate for the US dollar!!!

So I was feeling a little down because every time (this has happened over the past week every night) I would talk to Clark about Christmas gifts he wouldn't cooperate or even look like he cared! At least that is what it seemed! Am I soooo pathetic and selfish that I had to break down in tears because I thought my husband was a cheapo...YES how bad of me! I think Clark couldn't take it anymore so he went and showed me where my present was hiding. Once I saw what he got me I started to ball even harder! I'm such a baby! I cried because I realized that Clark did want to get me something I wanted and that he loved me and wanted to see me happy. This same ordeal happened around Valentines last year and Clark surprised me and ended up getting me a diamond band...yes I must say I am a wife that can be selfish sometimes :(

Anyway, well I decided to open my gift because Clark and I are leaving for Bali before Christmas.
Thanks babe for getting me the necklace I wanted :) You are truly a sweetheart and I love you so much :) And yes girls, he went to Tiffany's :)


Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

Hahahaha that is too funny. He did a great job!!! Which necklace did he get you? You can never go wrong with a little blue box.

Ashley Kay said...

oh my gosh jenna-- clarks so cute! i hope you guys have fun in bali! miss you!

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