Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Douglas Weekend

So basically last weekend was pretty chill...I mean we really didn't do much except help my brother Josh set up his place in Douglas and go to Walmart like 5 times in one day to exchange house crap...Oh wait, I had the "great" opportunity to take off the old nasty toilet seats in Josh's place and replace them with nice clean new ones! Its actaully pretty simple, just really GROSS!

On Saturday night we headed to Flyin Cowboys to eat some good ole BBQ food. After your meal you get to go to the ice cream counter and get a complimentary cone! woo hoo for free stuff! Douglas is a very small town...I mean really small so it was great to see a new restaurant come into town. Well the real reason to go to Douglas was to see my cousin Blake who just got back from his mission but yeah Saturday morning we were informed that Blake had gone with the youth group to the Atlanta Temple for baptisms...yeah ATL is 4 hours away! THANKS! :p Anyway, we did get to see him that night and at church the next morning so our trip wasn't for nothin. Sorry, but I didn't take a lot of pictures...just ones of my cousin Mya, Blake's little sister.

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Skylar and Lauren said...

cute! I love what u've done with your new blog design up at the top-fancy fancy! looks like ur still traveling-just a little closer to home now! I bet it's good to be back though!

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