Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Here!

Sorry for the lack of blogging! I get so lazy to get my camera out and plug it into the computer! I have a few things to catch up on and blog about but for now I am in Douglas, GA where my relatives live! I am taking a break for a week to see the family and my dog!! I missed him so much! I wish I could bring him back with me! Here is a picture of us! Sorry about the quality but that's what you get with a computer camera!

Looking forward to lunch with my mom soon!

Oh and sorry if you are about to go to lunch but I thought I would share that last night when my dad and I were driving down to Douglas something hit our car and we didn't quite know what it was until we pulled into town 30 mins later to find out this was stuck in my dads front headlight...hopefully it wont cost too much to repair!


Lisa said...

YAY! We have missed you! Glad you are enjoying some quality me time!

Castaldi said...

EW! It was stuck in his headlight?! Gross! Haha!

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