Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 months old

Today was Beckham and Brooklyn's 2 month check up! They did super well considering they had to get 3 shots :( Lets hope that makes them sleep a little more today ;)

Beckham is growing so much every day. He loves to be held by anyone but he constantly moves and kicks his legs. He never sits still! He doesn't like to take naps and mommy doesn't like that very much. He coos and smiles every day and its so adorable. He recently found his hand and has started to suck on it. Beckham rolled over for the first time a few weeks back and I think its because his big head helped him out! We recently introduced the paci and he doesn't care to take it. That can be good and bad! He also loves tubby time!

Beckham's 2 month stats:

13 lbs
22.25 inches long
90% in weight and 25% in height

Brooklyn is starting to fill out more and is getting some rolls! She still loves to sleep and mommy likes that!!! She smiles and knows who her mommy is :) Brooklyn rolled over one day before Beckham! She has also found her hand and sucks on it sometimes.  She is cooing too and will take her paci! It had been a lifesaver some days. She loves to be rocked to sleep and to be held. She is a snuggle bug. She likes to nap on her stomach and will sleep longer when she does.

Brooklyn's 2 month stats:
9.4 lbs
21 inches long
15% in weight and 8% in height


We love our little babies! I wish I could get a nap in once in awhile but with two it can be tricky! Brooklyn is sleeping as we speak and SURPRISE...Beckham is wide awake!

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Lisa said...

Jenna they are adorable!!! How fun! I hope you get a nap in sometime!

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