Monday, August 29, 2011

Brooklyn's Pierced Ears

We headed to the pediatrician to get Brooklyn's ears pierced today. I wanted to pierce her ears when she got old enough as a baby. I did feel really bad and almost cried because I knew I was causing her pain she didn't have to have :( Good thing she forgave me and doesn't realize what happened a few minutes later. I think she looks adorable and I can't wait to get some bling bling later for her ears! 

Look guys, I got my ears pierced!


JennyLeighP said...

so super cute!

***************** said...

I love that you update your blog. You always make it look so easy. I never know what to write ;( Thus my last post being my birth story LOL... well, maybe one day...I think your kids are so stinkin adorable!! LOVE them, esp. brooklyn...she is AAAAdorable.


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