Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6 months old

Has it really been 6 months since these little babies were born?! Time is flying by so fast for our little family. Each day is a new day that brings happiness and fun. The weather has been really nice recently so we have tried to get out of the house and go for some walks. The kids love to sit up and look forward rather than being in those car seats :) They both enjoy tummy time just a little better since their neck and arms are getting stronger and they can hold themselves up. They are growing out of their clothes faster than ever and it makes me so sad! I still think of them as my 4 and 5 lbs babies! It has been getting a little less stressful to be a parent of twins this month. They are eating more which means eating every few hours and MORE sleep during the night. They are also taking a little bit longer of naps. This is what I was looking forward to ;) They have started on rice cereal and baby veggies and will start fruits and the sippy this coming week. There are so many new things they are trying now. I love it! I absolutely love being a mom to Beckham and Brooklyn. I adore them and it makes me feel so good that they rely on me and love me just as much. As the saying goes 'they never said it was easy, they only said it would be worth it!' 

giggles all the time
doesn't like eating rice cereal or oatmeal
still loves getting his diaper changed and lotion wiped on his face
grabs and holds things with his hands
loves to snuggle with momma and daddy
sleeps great at night
loves his daddy
likes to look at books
likes playing with his ocean floor toy
sits up with some assistance

20.13 lbs
27.25 inches long
95% in weight and 75% in height

sucks her toes
holds her own bottle
loves rice cereal and eats well from a spoon
laughs at and with her mommy
loves to play with her ocean floor toy
getting used to the exersaucer
grabs and holds things with her hands
has amazing leg strength
loves to be held
holds her feet up in the air
rolls to her side
sits up with some assistance
can put the paci in her mouth by herself!

Brooklyn14.10 lbs
25.50 inches long
25% in weight and 50% in height 


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Skylar and Lauren said...

oh they are so cute-they are so tasty! I love soft little baby squishy skin!

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