Monday, December 26, 2011

8 months old

Can these little kiddos get any more cute? I just love their smiles. Their personalities are showing more and more every day. They love playing with each other and taking toys away from one another. Isn't it funny how when one has a toy, the other wants it? They are sitting up so well this month and they are moving their legs a lot when they are on their stomach. They are happy babies and we have been truly blessed to have them in our family. We bought a home in October and hope to move in it in January. I look forward to finally setting up their own nurseries! Beckham is my great sleeper and Brooklyn has decided to just take two 1 hour naps a day. Maybe this will change... Brooklyn has started to have a little 'tude' (attitude) and does not like to do things if she doesn't want to. She also does not like it if you take something away from her. Beckham is still the happiest little baby I have ever met. We just love them both to pieces! They love their daddy and love playing with him when he gets home from work. They have started eating more solid foods and its been so fun to see them try new things! We look forward to seeing these babies continue to grow over the next few months! 


Nov. 29th slept on your tummy for nap and bedtime!
Loves to blow raspberries especially when mommy is feeding him
Sleeps through the night
First time swinging in the swings at the park and he LOVED it
Loves to babble and say dadadada
Not a big fan of solid baby food
Sitting up really well
Loves to sit and look at books
Starting to move your legs and stomach to try and crawl
Dec. 20 your second tooth broke through!
Likes to eat snack puffs
Wears 12 month clothes


Hair is getting darker and growing so fast
Started sleeping some on her stomach in December!
Loves to blow raspberries
Sleeps through the night
First time swinging in the swings at the park and she LOVED it
Likes to babble and say mamamama 
Likes to take 1 hour naps
Sitting up really well
Very alert
Loves to give kisses
Starting to move your legs and stomach when trying to crawl
Likes to eat snack puffs
Doesn't care for baby food
Whines when you take something away from her

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Austin Family Adventures said...

They are getting so big and adorable

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