Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time Out For Women

This past weekend, I had the chance to attend TOFW in Orlando with my girly in laws. It was a lot of fun and nice to get away for 24 hours and let the dads handle the kiddos.

There were some great performers (Jericho Road and Hilary Weeks) and GREAT speakers (Virginia Pearce, Sheri Dew, and Chris Williams).

Virginia Pearce, President Hinckley's daughter spoke on forgiveness. What I took from her talk was 'What is my job and what is His job in Forgiveness?' If you seek forgiveness with sincerity, it will come.

Sheri Dew shared some amazing insights. I loved her thoughts...How deep are your roots planted in the gospel? What we can't see about ourselves is more important.

Chris Williams was a TEAR JERKER! 5 years ago he was in a car crash with his family and two out of the three kids in the car along with his wife died. It was a drunk teenager who caused the accident. The first thing he remembers hearing were the words, “Let it go.” That invitation was key to a road of forgiveness and recovery as Chris dealt with the loss of his wife and two children. And he has learned that in “letting go,” you can prepare to be open to receive all the Lord has to offer. I LOVED his talk. It was by far my favorite. It was all about trials and miracles.  When trials came it gives us an opportunity to LOOK toward our Savior. Miracles will happen. What burden can I lay at my Savior's feet to enable miracles to happen?

If you have a minute, watch this video he introduced his talk with....YOU WILL NEED A TISSUE!!!

After the wonderful talk the first night we headed to Downtown Disney and indulged in yes...Ghirardelli! YUMMM


I was able to see most if all my close Tampa friends that attended the conference too! It was so nice to see them! And on the way home, we got a wonderful surprise..

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