Wednesday, June 27, 2012

13 and 14 months

Your little personalities are growing so much! You both show a lot of affection towards one another and love playing together. You both love walking everywhere and trying to get into everything you can! Brooklyn loves the stairs and Beckham loves cabinets and opening doors. Yikes!
You had your first beach experience and Beckham loved the water and waves and Brooklyn just liked the sand. We can't wait until we go again!


Says ball, apple, cheerio, bye, mama, dada, no
Gives Beckham hugs all the time
Discovered hitting
4th and 5th tooth finally popped out
Plays catch and throw
Loves riding her toy horse
Climbs up the playground
Climbing stairs
Loves doing the motions to 'itsy bitsy spider'
Eats avocado
Discovered throwing things out of her crib
Had their first beach trip!


Walking so good!!!
Loves rolling around on the ground playing with any toys he can put between his legs
Will eat cheese, turkey, apples, peaches, cucumbers, avocado
Likes to take toys from Brooklyn
Plays catch and throw
Discovered throwing things out of his crib
Has a new sad/upset yell
Knows how to work the tv box
Climbing stairs
Knows how to open doors (totally not cool!!)
Got first haircut by daddy
Had their first beach trip!

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