Friday, August 31, 2012

Ikea Toys

Okay, moms I need to know where you get your fun but affordable toys! I was at Ikea today and bought this train set for our kids and they really like it! They are obviously still in #figureitoutmode. I feel kids need new toys every once in awhile to change the pace of things so they don't get whiny and bored. Maybe that just happens to my kids???

Any helpful comments are appreciated :) Happy weekend!


Jen said...

My kids get bored with their toys too. Have you ever tried taking a few of their favorite toys and putting them away for a couple of weeks? My kids usually forget about them by then, and when I bring them out again it's like playing with a new toy. Occasionally we'll buy new toys, but I like this option because I feel like we're overrun with toys already!

Mrs. Boojwa said...

My sister has bought tons of those tracks (my nephew is obsessed with Thomas). She also hates toys that make noise, and would rather him play with toys that require his imagination more. So she buys him a lot of stuff at Ikea :)

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