Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Twins at 15 & 16 months

You both have grown a lot these past two months. New words, new emotions, new tantrums...! You both have really grown to love being around one another. You wouldn't have it any other way. If one wakes up from a nap they are right by the other's door wanting to go inside and play. You know when the other is sad and try and cheer them up. Brooklyn, you love your family so much and are so affectionate towards us. Beckham, you are always hugging us and laughing. You both bring such a joy to the family. We only have one more month until you hit the big 18 months!

Loves to say hi every second of the day
Points to pictures of Jesus and says Jesus
Waves hand by her nose when she has done a stinky
Got 3 more teeth
Climbs on furniture
Weened from the bottle and doesn't care much for milk anymore
Good at stacking her blocks
Discovered hitting and biting...
Can drink from a straw
Says 'no' and understands what it really means (this is a good thing!)
Very picky and hard to feed sometimes. She loves to be in control of her food
Will not eat pieces of food, you have to give her a whole of something
Not fond of the ocean waves
Says 'bye-bye', 'baby', 'book', 'more'
Learned how to open the toilet lid...and threw a roll of toilet paper inside...
Recently has loved to read books and asks for one right after she wakes up
Has enough hair to do pigtails!

Loves to cuddle and wrestle
Climbs on couch
Constantly wanting 'phone
Babbling more- We think he said Bye Bye and Bubble
Got all 4 canines
Eats cheese, peas, bacon, cashews, nectarines and chicken nuggets :)
Weened from the bottle and doesn't care much for milk anymore.
Loves to give hugs but bites your shoulder at the same time...And thinks its funny!
Can drink from a straw
Likes eating stuff off the floor (still)
Very good at getting off things
Loves the waves at the beach
Learned how to open the toilet lid...YUCK
Has had his 2nd haircut already!


Bree Clukey said...

They are so cute Jenna! I can't believe how big they are :)

Sara said...

my favorite part is "weened themselves from the bottle and doesn't care for milk" Drew is 2 and STILL LOVES HIS "BUBBA" AHHHHH

Tony Castillo said...

Great photos! You all look so wonderfully beautiful.

Abbey said...

They are seriously do cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog, love yours.:)

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