Friday, October 26, 2012

The Magical 18 Months

I am so excited that my kids are 18 months! I do love this age and it is getting a little easier...I said a little easier... :)

We have reached the magical age where our kids can now attend the nursery at church! This means they get to play with toys and be around more kids as well as not having to be chased and watched by mom for 2 more hours!

My kids have really grown up in the last few months. Beckham seems taller, Brooklyn is talking more, they both are showing more emotions. Brooklyn loves to hug and pat Beckham (which he doesn't like) and Beckham loves to be cuddled and climb on you.

They love being outside and it is getting easier to do that because the weather is getting much cooler. They love playing on the porch and chasing bubbles. They climb everything and I am getting a little less nervous about that stage. I can't imagine what these kids will be like in the next few months. They will be 2 in no time!  YIKES!

Loves to play with cars and things that roll
Loves to lay on the floor
Has 13 teeth
Always climbing on things
Loves listening to classical music
Loves flipping through books
Throws tantrums and pulls his ears
Loves to be outside and eat anything on the ground...including acorns!
Still hates to try new foods ( I am getting desperate!)
Enjoys sleeping with a blanket

Makes funny noises
Hair can be put in a ponytail
Has her molars coming in
Has become very opinionated and let's me know what she wants and doesn't want
Says No No No
Eyes are now a yellow gray
Loves to get her socks and shoes and wear them around the house
Says bear, mommy, daddy, Beckham, baby
Loves to sign eat, more, and all done
Can fold her arms when saying prayers


Tony Castillo said...

Very beautiful kiddos. They are getting so big. Love the pictures.

Jessica said...

You have an adorable family. I love the pics!

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