Monday, December 31, 2012

Beckham and Brooklyn at 20 months

You both are growing up too fast! I love it though. We love being able to communicate more with you and see how well you are learning new things. You both are so sweet to each other and love playing together. You both keep me on my toes because you both love going the opposite way. You each have different personalities and strengths that make you unique and who you are. We love you!


Very good at swimming! Loves to kick and paddle and blow bubbles
Loves to burp
Loves dogs
Loves to give kisses
New word is uh-oh
Said Jesus
Understands and points to where the sky is
Loves to ride in our little red wagon
Learned to play peek a boo
Learned to clap his hands
Learned to fold arms while praying
Has recently loved having a blanket
Loves to explore the PlayPlace at McDonald's

Looking at the lights and ornaments. Probably scoping out which one to throw!

He loves sticking food in between his little toes and playing with it before he eats it...gross but funny.


Knows where her eyes, mouth, nose, head, ears , tummy, hands, and feet are
Says no way, beep beep, wall, shoes, Nana, banana, grape, doggie, yay, bead
Eats string cheese and broccoli
Loves to stick her face in the water
Loves to dance to any music and copies motions really well
Loves to feed her doll
Learned to fold arms when praying
Has started to throw tantrums...uh oh

Surprisingly she is smiling after swim lessons...

Loves mama's glasses.

Dad had to rescue her in the McDonald's PlayPlace. Seriously...I had been in there 5 times before that.

Still loves to sit in her baby swing.

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Tony Castillo said...

Hard to believe they are almost 2.

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