Friday, January 3, 2014

Kennedy at 3 months

Kennedy you are growing so much each day! I swear you grew an inch just this last week! You are so sweet and love being held. You love acting older than you are because you are already wanting to sit up. You hate being on your back while being held. I guess you just want to be a big kid already!

Here are your accomplishments this month:

14 lbs
Can sit in the bumbo
Great at tummy time, holds head high
Starting to blow bubbles from her mouth
Loves the swing while sleeping
Has to be swaddled
Talks constantly
Always smiling
Loves her exersaucer
Loves putting toys in her mouth
Loves to make noises
Grasps on to things
Loves to kick her legs
Loves to stand on her legs
Loves sitting up
Unfortunately you got sick with RSV :(

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