Thursday, September 18, 2014

Last weeks of Summer

We have really enjoyed the summer around here. Yes, it has been really hot but its nothing we can't handle. In Florida it was hot ALL THE TIME. WE had fun one day when my parents were in town and we went to the local splash pad. There was water shooting from the ground and water activites for the kids to play with.

Days that are really hot, we would go outside and pull out the awesome water table or play in the sprinklers. We love having family across the street because the kids all play together daily.

My parents came to town for Labor Day and my dad had made some bug nets so the twins could help him catch bugs when they would go exploring. I am so happy they have a grandpa that will go on hikes with them and get muddy and sweaty with them when mom doesn't want to!

When we aren't outside, we are inside playing with toys or doing some fun coloring or painting.

Lets hope that cooler days are ahead of us!

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