Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Beijing Olympic Village

Our last day in Beijing was spent wandering around the Olympic venue. Here is Clark and me in front of the Bird's Nest. The nest looks pretty small in the picture but it is really big when you get up close to it.

Don't mind my jabbering in the video, I realized the torch was not lit at the picture below...duh Jenna!

Here we are in front of 'The Cube' where the water sports took place and Michael Phelps won us some GOLD!

We didn't see too many tourists here but I guess its because it isn't the high season yet.

Here is Clark and me with some models who were shooting some pics for a magazine. I guess Americans or Caucasian men (Clark) are popular among Asians.

We had such a great time in Beijing and highly recommend a trip here. This was our last major trip before we headed back to the States and I must say we had a pretty good life while living overseas. We hope we will be able to make it back over to Asia in a few years to visit the other countries we didn't have a chance to see!

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