Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soakin up some sun...

This past weekend my aunt and cousin came down from Ohio to spend the week in Florida for their Spring break! I love living in Florida be cause its a huge vacation spot and we don't have to travel hardly at all to have fun! We were able to spend a nice sunny day at the water park called Adventure Island in Tampa with the family.

Here is my dad, brother, and me after eating a really good lunch!

Here is my Aunt Annalee and cousin Zachary.

Of course I had to enjoy the yummy dippin' dots after we left the park!

On Sunday, after church, Clark and I headed down to Bradenton, FL (about 35 mins away) to visit my grandparents (dad's parents) who are snowbirds from Ohio! They stay in Florida from January-May every year so we were happy we got home from Singapore just in time to travel down and see them!

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Skylar and Lauren said...

Wow! There's always something new and exciting going on! I've heard Florida is gorgeous...glad u're having such a good time being back in the states!

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