Saturday, January 16, 2010

Avatar Adventure

Last night we headed to the Imax theatre to watch Avatar in 3D. We went with our good friends Chris and Danielle. To make our night a little adventurous, Chris said "No guys, this is the way to the Imax. The movie is in this room."
I had said that the man told us room 8 but Mr. Chris had total control of the situation ;) So we are sitting in the movie, which started its previews 20 mins early and we are thinking okay well at least the movie will start right on time...
We sit through the previews and all of a sudden one is taking a little longer than usual, and we couldn't really tell if the movie was in what does Chris do "Um guys, I think we are in the wrong room. This isn't the right movie. We gotta leave."
So we head outof the movie the Book of Eli with our glasses on our head into the RIGHT movie in room 8.

We really enjoyed the movie and def. recommend watching it in 3D at the Imax. Enjoy the pic!

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JKGROSS said...

Yes, I definately recommend that movie also. We too have one of those funny looking pictures with those glasses. :0) I brought my pair home for Riley to play with. But ya'll look good in them :0)

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