Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boca Living

Well we are here in Boca and alas we have INTERNET! I finally have time (other than working and lounging by the pool) to blog and update all my peeps!

Here is a picture taken about 5 seconds before we were kicked out of our house because the new renters showed up...

How bare and sad this picture is. We will never live in this home again. I still haven't really had time to be emotional about our move to Boca. I'm not depressed by any means but I am sad about all the friends we left behind.

So to all those folks who want to see where our temp. home is (aka the in-laws) here you go!

The lovely Gray home

My lunch breaks

The kitchen and living room

Our room is on the left. We painted and re-carpeted the room on the right last week.

Our bathroom

The gym!!!!!!!

The boys bball court.

So I must say, living with the in-laws has been great. They are the nicest people and we have fun! I think we have our first Tampa visitors this weekend! They get to stay here:

Well not the bathroom...haha but this is the pool house bathroom attached to the pool house bedroom! So nice!


clauss house said...

That house is awesome, I bet you're having fun!

Em {orange + barrel} said...

Look at that gym!!! I would kill to have a gym like that in my house. All of my friends Jewish grandmothers live in's such a fab area :)

Castaldi said...

Wow, what a rough life you live, Jenna! ;) What a gorgeous house!

Bikmans said...

That's an amazing place to be temporarily. I hope you settle into Boca nicely. It's never fun to move. I was so emotional when we left our first house in NC.

Donna said...

I agree you have the nicest in-laws ever. Vicky is my cousin...and is Phil!!! Love the the family you are apart of. Sorry you had to leave your friends behind, but how wonderful it will be that now more people can get to know you guys!!

Spencer and Sara said...


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