Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th!

On Saturday we had a couple of friends come over to celebrate the 4th of July with us. There was tons of good food and plenty of entertainment!

The yummy feast!

Clark making the virgin margaritas!

Melanie and Layla hanging out!

The boys playing pool bball.

Layla deciding she wants to swim too!

The delicious cake Laura and Scott made!

The happy couple!

We are so grateful to live in a free country and to be blessed with so many things. We've lived and visited some many other countries but America is the best by far. Happy July 4th!


Chad and Melanie Gray said...

what a fun night! I'm so glad you posted these great photos.

Spencer and Sara said...

ALL THE FOOD LOOKS DIVINE!! Happy 4th of July!! love you guys!

Bikmans said...

What a fun celebration. I love that cake. I'm so grateful to be American too and for the 4th!

Can I ask you where you get your darling headbands?

clauss house said...

I love your headbands, I'm not sure I'm one to be able to pull them off, I've tried a couple times, but always end up putting them back, I think I'll just try doing my hair different to make it work! Happy 4th!

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