Monday, July 19, 2010

Tampa Visit

This past weekend Clark and I visited Tampa! My friend Danielle was having her baby shower and of course I couldn't miss that!

Doesn't she look great! She is due late August/early September!

Sheri and I headed to the beach with the kiddos and it was super fun! I even got some sun which I am reallllllly happy about!

We went out with Jen, Sheri and Matt one night for dinner at Bern's steakhouse. Doesn't this place look like it could be the haunted mansion at Disney!?

Desert was divine! Matt, Sheri and Jen had never been to Bern's so we did the kitchen and wine collection tour. We were super full after dinner but we had to make it up to the desert room!   

On Saturday Sheri and I headed out to do some errands and when we came home Clark looked like this:

He's gonna be a great dad some day!

That night was the pioneer celebration at the church so we showed up to eat the yummy pulled pork and of course to line dance... ;)

Clark and his friends Chris and Mike drove out onto the farms in Mike's deuce to hog hunt that night...and of course they didn't bring anything back...typical ;) hehe

We ended our trip by attending our old ward at church! I love our friends back in Tampa! We'll have to visit again real soon! Thanks to Matt and Sheri who let us bunk at their place!

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