Monday, October 11, 2010

Del Ray and Deerfield Beach

This past weekend the Gray and Dyer family headed to Del Ray Beach for dinner. Later we took a walk to the beach! There were beach lounge chairs to sit on and the breeze was amazing. Vicki helped her nieces find some seashells on the beach and I of course pulled out my camera!


Layla, Melanie and Chad!

The next day we headed to Deerfield beach to catch some rays and play in the ocean. I had never been to that beach before but I loved it! We spent time collecting shells with our cousins and Clark and his uncle went snorkeling.

Me and Clark!

Cute Layla!

Hannah and her shells.

Earlier that day Vicki and I went to a Relief Society activity for our church. We helped make 500 hygiene kits for an abused women's shelter.

Vicki and Sister Lake

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Sara said...

That is such a good ward activity! and I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR SWIMSUIT! So cute!! Love you

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