Tuesday, December 28, 2010

20 weeks

I am around 20 weeks now! Yay! We are half way there and I am really happy with the way things are going right now. My stomach is growing bigger by the day and sometimes I feel like it can't stretch any further! My back has been hurting as I sleep so I went out and purchased a Leach Snoogle Body Pillow tonight. The reviews on it are amazing so I hope my results are just as good. Other than my back hurting every night, I am doing pretty well. I am eating normally now as I was before I got pregnant so bring on the weight... ;)

Today we had our 20 week appointment at our perinatologist and I was really anxious to see our little babies. They are both doing great and growing on schedule. Every finger and toe are still there and their hearts looks healthy. The boy weighs 11 ounces and the girl weighs 10 ounces. Those little twiners were head butting the whole time and were turned down. We did get some great pictures today! My tech was nice enough to show us what the 3D looks like and she gave us some pictures to take home!

Baby Girl is the top picture. She was face down just about the whole time so this was the best profile picture we could get of her. Clark says her nose is a hybrid of mine and his. She is even smiling at us! What a little cutie!

Baby Boy is the bottom picture and he definitely has my nose! We think he might have Clark's lips. Baby boy was facing up the whole time so we were able to get more pictures of him this week.

This is a picture of our girl's bum, legs, and feet. Clark says she has his cute bum...oh geez haha.

I believe I have been feeling them move just a little. Most likely in the next few weeks the movements will be more noticeable. We see our OBGYN next week so I am excited to see our babies on the screen again! Seeing the babies in 3D really did make my heart melt and made me fall more in love with them. I can't wait to meet them!


Heather said...

ok, i LOVED my snoogle or snuggle pillow-whatever its called. its the same one you got. its a total must. i didn't have it my 1st pregnancy but knew i'd need it with #2. ALSO, i had a wedge pillow. i get really congested the last 1-2 months of my pregnancies and that worked wonders for me.

Tony Castillo said...
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Tony Castillo said...

Glad that you and the babies are doing well. Hope you and Clark had a great X-mas and New Years. I was thinking of you New Years Eve this is what I ended up with at the end of the night. Hope to hear from you soon.

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