Thursday, May 26, 2011

1 Month Stats

I can NOT believe our little babies are a month old! Time sure does go by fast! It seems as if they were born yesterday. Each day sure feels the same since all they do is eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. I wouldn't change my days for the world though. I love these little babies! We are still sleep deprived but love that we have family here to help out!

Beckham has changed physically the most. He is such a chunker now! His face was very slim and pointy when he first was born but now he sports the double chin and is grandma's "bag of sugar!" He smiles every day without fail and its usually after he eats. He grunts all the time and it is pretty funny. When he is hungry, he lets you know because he won't stop wiggling and crying.

Beckham's 1 month stats:
9.75 lbs
21 inches long
50% percentile

Brooklyn is a little mini me. She looks exactly like I did when I was born. She is still so tiny compared to her brother. She smiles at us as well but not as often. She reaches her arms out like a zombie when she sleeps and its adorable. She is now starting to grunt as well when she eats...guess she is taking after her brother.

Brooklyn's 1 month stats:
6.7 lbs
19.25 inches long
5% percentile


Lisa said...

Oh my heavens!!! What tiny babies! :) They sure are cute. Congrats again!

JennyLeighP said...

So much fun! Love hearing about these little cuties!

JShaw said...

They are too cute Jenna, makes me want to have twins! LOL Congrats!

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