Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hospital Pictures

When we were at the hospital, there was a newborn professional photography group called 365. I was hoping our hospital had a photo service and surprisingly it did. We found out about once we arrived. I expected a little more but the pictures we got were great. Nothing Clark and I couldn't have done ourselves though but oh well. It is funny to look back and see how they have changed in just a week. We love our little twins! Here are just a few:

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Diana said...

I clicked over here from Chad and Melanie's blog as they are good friends of ours. :) And may I state the complete obvious in saying that your babies are SO ADORABLE!! Congratulations! You look fabulous! I'm so glad things went so smoothly for you.

Your fashion blog is Amazing! In the time I spent browsing, I ended up becoming a follower and liking you on Facebook and adding you to my "Visit often" tab! ;) Thanks for a little pick-me-up at the end of my day and feel free to stop by my blog anytime! ;)

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