Monday, September 26, 2011

5 Months Old

The other day some family was holding my babies and I had a little tear in my eye because I noticed my babies are getting so big! It seems like just yesterday I was at the hospital. Time sure does fly and these babies are growing by the day. I broke down today for a brief second. Brooklyn and Beckham choose their days to fight naps and when they are over tired and just cry, I want to just cry too. It is HARD. Two babies keep you on your feet ALL day. Beckham was down for a nap one day and Brooklyn had all my attention for about an hour and I was like 'Geez, taking care of just one baby is SO easy!' Haha, hopefully I will be blessed with just one baby next time :) I do love our little twins though.

Each month Beckham and Brooklyn surprise me with new things they are learning. This month they both started to roll onto their sides. They haven't mastered the full roll but will hopefully get there soon. They both also love playing with their toes! It is VERY cute! They both babble and spit constantly.

Beckham LOVES the exersaucer! We find out next week if he will need a helmet for his flat spot on his head...hopefully he won't need it.

19 lbs
26.50 inches long
95% in weight and 95% in height

13 lbs
24.75 inches long
25% in weight and 25% in height

Brooklyn hates the exersaucer after 10 minutes. Geez girl! But she loves her bouncer. She kicks her right leg back and forth and it makes her chair bounce. I love it because then I don't have to bounce her!

We can start rice cereal now!!! I hope they get used to it because it would make mom REAL happy! I am looking forward to introducing fruits and vegetables next month. Any tips/tricks you have with starting babies off on rice cereal? I've been advised to do it by spoon by the pediatrician.


Luke and Katie said...

your kids are beautiful! crazy how fast they grow up!

Skylar and Lauren said...

LOVE the felt flower pillow and the pics of ur kids are ADORABLE! rice cereal- I used breast milk in it at first and don't put too much rice in or they prob wont eat it. Applesauce is a good comparison but maybe a little runnier to start out with..they'll let u know what they like =) and start out veggies before fruits =) good luck!

Lisa said...

What other way IS there than a spoon? How did it go? Good luck!

Christine said...

i LOVE all the cute headbands you have for your baby girl. I have one girl, and one on the way, and I need some cute hair accessories if I'm going to be having all these girls! I especially love the cotton-round-flower- ones. haha. Where did you get them??!

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