Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did I ever show you...

our apartment we lived in while in Singapore for a year? I have a friend who just moved their family to Switzerland and their new apartment there is AMAZING! It made me think about all the adventures we had while living in a different country. I would love to do it all again! Clark and I agreed that we would get a smaller place to save money so that we could travel. Let me remind you that it was only 400 sq. feet! We were only there at night (we both worked) and on Sundays so its not like we had to fit a whole family in there.

Front door from the inside.

The clothes washer (the dryer for us were rods across the ceiling we hung our clothes on... very tricky sometimes) the sink and the door leading to the bathroom.

Our "cabinets" and hot plate. It made making spaghetti tricky haha.

Our small fridge, microwave, and table. We used that microwave for everything. We even had a sandwich maker which made tasty little hot sandwiches :)

One side of our small bedroom.

The shower, toilet, and sink.

Looking back at this experience, I am so grateful for a house and SPACE. I know people live like this every day so I am especially grateful for all the things I have.

Hope you enjoyed the tour that lasted about 5 seconds! :)


Lindsay R said...

wow! I bet that was an experience! Glad you're into your own place now!


p.s. your babies are so so cute. i love their individual looks.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

loving you and your blog :) your twins are to die for! haha so cute!

Sarah and Jeremy said...

Good times!!! I'm proud to know that our friendship was deep enough that you allowed Jer and I to see it first hand! :) It's these experiences that shape us into who we are. love those little babes! So cute.

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