Saturday, November 26, 2011

7 months old

What a joy it is to be a mom to these babies. They are growing up so fast and I can't believe they are 7 months old. They are becoming more alert and their personalities are really showing through. Brooklyn knows what she wants and usually gets it and Beckham is just a sweet little hunk of baby. Because the babies are able to do more like sitting up and going a little longer between feedings, I am able to get a little bit more done around the house as well as play with them and feel like I am actually being a mom! They love going on walks outside. The best part about their age right now is they notice one another. They have for the past few months but they 'talk' to each other now. It is fun to watch. We do not see the pediatrician again until they are around 8 months so I don't have any stats.

squeels more
rolled onto her stomach for the first time
she is starting to teeth
sits up by herself for a little bit longer
likes to gnaw on books
likes to be rocked to sleep
hates napping
enjoys splashing in the tub
likes to take the spoon and try to feed herself
loves watching the show Bubble Guppies


got his first tooth (bottom left)
drools like crazy
has started to sleep on his side/stomach and it looks very uncomfortable
sits up by himself a little bit longer
still learning how to hold on to things
likes to look at books
enjoys splashing in the bathtub
likes to take his naps
rolled onto his stomach for the first time
loves watching the show Bubble Guppies

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Lisa said...

Your babies are ADORABLE!!! And I love that they love Bubble Guppies! That is awesome!

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