Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clark's 30th Birthday


I started singing him Happy Birthday this morning while I gave him his gifts. I then proceeded to say what I would have written on his birthday card (he doesn't like getting cards, they are a waste of money he says!) and he stops me and says no start over. He kept on doing it like 3 times until he finally said...'don't say happy 30th, I don't like that!'

Oh geez, I wonder what he'll say when he turns 40!

We all love Clark. He is such a blessing to our family. He is very smart and like his mom always says: 'you always want Clark on your team.' That is very true! He is a loving father to his kids and they always smile at

I remember having our first date in October 2005 and he was turning 24 that next month. I filled his car with balloons on the morning of his birthday and brought him a cake too. I snuck into his apartment and there he walks out of his apartment room in his undies not knowing who just walked into his place..haha it was kinda awkward and I felt so sorry for my roommate who was accompanying me! What great times!

We look forward to spending many more birthdayws with you. I love you Clarkie and I hope you have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY this year! MKK!

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