Thursday, July 26, 2012

15 months

You kids are now 15 months! Seems like yesterday you were born. You sure are keeping mom on her feet. You walk everywhere and hate being in the stroller. You always want my phone and you cry when I prepare your bottle for naps and bedtime...oh geez! I guess I should hurry and pour the milk faster! Mommy is so happy because you both have curtains up in your room! Oh Beckham, that shower rod and sheet just doesn't cut it anymore! I feel like we can do more because you both adjusted to ONE nap at the same time! Yippeeeeee! Life does get easier! We love you both so much and you are both blessings in our life! 


Got all 4 molars
Had a really bad fever for a few days
Like pears, grapes and cheese crackers
Walking so much better now! You barely crawl!
Likes to gnaw the ground...I guess he must be teething :(


Had a bad fever the same time as your brother
Will answer yes or no to questions on tv
Likes cheese crackers and macaroni cheese
Loves to wear shoes and brings them to you

What cool kids!


HeidiC said...
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HeidiC said...

They are the cutest kids every.

Em Levy {orange + barrel} said...

So cute!!! Brooklyn is such a mini-you!!

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