Wednesday, May 22, 2013

24 weeks

These weeks seem to fly by now. I can't believe I am over half way there! Nothing really has changed over the last few weeks except I am having braxton hicks and getting bigger. It has been interesting to see the differences with carrying one baby versus two. There hasn't been too many differences except I can't fit into all my maternity clothes yet. Guess my big belly last time was a little too big!

No names have been finalized for this baby girl yet. I have a few I have liked but Clark seems to think they are all silly. 

We were watching a friend's baby here the other day and Brooklyn was so gentle and loving and Beckham would just laugh. I really hope this is a good indication of what is to come!


Skylar and Lauren said...

You look so cute! And don't worry about the name thing, we always have the same problem here =) I'm sure you'll eventually find something you both like! Good luck!

alexfahey said...

So cute! Oh and I nominated you for a Liebster over on my blog!

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