Thursday, August 22, 2013

37 weeks

The end is finally near! Only a few more weeks and we get to meet this baby girl! We aren't sure when this baby will make her debut because with the twins my water broke at exactly 37 weeks. This pregnancy has been pretty much the same as my last except I am not as big and I am a little more tired from chasing my kids!

This baby is head down and my OB said he would be surprised if I had to push more than twice! I HOPE he is right!!! She is such a little mover and she loves to stick her feet out...ouch. 

The twins know there is a baby in my stomach but I am not sure the extent of how much they know. Im hoping jealousy won't be an issue!

Clark and I are super excited to meet her and become a family of 5!

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Alex Fahey said...

good luck with everything. you are beautiful.

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