Thursday, August 29, 2013

and her name is...

I had a doctors appointment this week and we decided that because I was progressing and already dilated to a 2 that Sept. 7th would be my induction date. Yay! So we have one more week unless she decides to debut herself a little earlier. She is still super low and she is causing me to have tons of Braxton Hicks and a few short painful contractions. They don't last for long but I am not looking forward to labor...

I was able to get a pretty good ultrasound picture this week of her. She was moving a lot but we managed to get a quick picture of her profile. 

I don't think I have posted yet what we are naming her but if you don't already know we have decided to name her Kennedy. Clark and I can both agree on the name and I think it flows really well with Beckham and Brooklyn. Hopefully she comes out looking like a Kennedy or we might just have a problem! :)

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