Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Home Alone : (

Man have I really gotten to know myself pretty darn good these past few weeks! While Clark is at work in Tampa I sit at home...trying to keep myself entertained! Clark and I are moving to Singapore in May and have recently rented out our house and have sold one of our cars. I quit my job at Qore so that I could go to Paris with Clark for three weeks. We leave for Singapore so soon that there is no point for me to get another job for just three weeks. We only have one car and Clark takes it to work which leaves me at home (my neighbors house) all day! So, if anyone has any ideas whatsoever of what I could do to occupy my time cooped up in a house just let me know! If you want to hang out or go somewhere let me know! You would have to pick me up though! Yes I know I sound desperate but desperate times call for desperate measures people!! I recently watched the t.v show Oprah's Big Give and it kind of motivated me to go out and do some charity work for people! You don't need money to change someones life, just motivation and love! I loved the show and especially the finale. I hope more people can be like that!


Filetti Family said...

Hey girl, we missed you guys last night. Hopefully we will see you next week. Dude if you are bored you can totally hang out with us! Give me a call and we will play. :) Do you want to go swimming today?

Anonymous said...

Okay, if you come out of your front door and start walking left about 3,000 miles, you will be at my house... it's the yellow one with the cute dog in the front yard! I'll hang out with you ;)

Do you scrapbook? Have you gotten everything packed for Singapore? OOOO you could lay out and get some sunshine!


Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

If you walk about 857 miles south from my sister you can hang out with me in LA.

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