Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Singapore Here We Come!!!

Clark and I just found out that our Employment Passes just went through (so we can work in Singapore)!!! We have been waiting for three weeks to see if they were going to let us work in the country! Thank goodness because we have already rented our house out! Well here is the plan peoples... Clark and I are officially flying to Singapore on May 7th, that is a Wednesday. Our flight leaves out of Atlanta (my hometown). We did this so that we could see my family! We are actually leaving on May 2nd- the 4th to go to Clark's brothers wedding in Salt Lake and will be there until Sunday. This turns out great because we will be able to see his family before we leave. We will leave Monday May 5th for Atlanta!!! I am so happy to see that our plans have come through once again! The last time anyone in Tampa will see us will be this Thursday night :(
Well they will see us again when we get back in a year! So don't get all SAD on me here!!!


Filetti Family said...

I'm so sad this is your last night and I won't even get to see you. Wow, that pictures really shows how far away you will be. :( Oh well, at least we will see you again and will start hounding you to have a baby again. :) Take care and we will miss you.

Lizzy said...

Have fun Jenna!! Take tons of pictures and keep blogging :)


SHopkins said...

It was so crazy seeing you in Salt Lake!! seems like you are loving life and just so happy!! Thats awesome, hope you have so much fun on your new adventure! kinda jealous. well take care and i'll keep checking your blog! :)

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